Jeweler Shayna Wins MJSA Mystery Box Challenge

We’re excited to announce that Jeweler Shayna at our Seattle Studio has won MJSA’s (Manufacturing Jewelers and Suppliers of America) Mystery Box Challenge! Every year MJSA sends out mystery boxes full of interesting materials for jewelers to create a unique piece of jewelry in a month’s time. This year, the jewelers were also asked to […]

Meet Your Designer, Sasha

Sasha was practically born into the jewelry industry! Growing up with a mom who was a designer specializing in pearl jewelry, she naturally developed a deep love for all things bejeweled. Her path took an interesting turn in her college days, when she started buying and selling vintage gold jewelry. This ignited a passion that […]

Meet Your Designer, Rebecca

Green Lake Jewelry Works is a destination for couples to come and create one-of-a-kind jewelry for themselves, but what you may not know is the studio is also sought out by artists across the country as a unique opportunity in the field of fine jewelry. Senior Designer Rebecca Pappas speaks to her life in the […]

Signet Rings

There are a multitude of ways to design and craft a unique signet style ring. Here are a few ways that we love making them as a unique wedding ring! Below are some examples to make your signet ring a personalized design that reflects your individuality and makes your special day truly exceptional. Whether it […]

Meet your Designer, Christine

Christine has been with Green Lake for over seven years helping guide clients through the ins-and-outs of our custom design process. Christine’s natural rapport with clients makes the experience fun and approachable for anyone new to the world of jewelry. With a passion for collaborative theater, singing, and the art of storytelling, she understands how […]

Hand Crafted Engraving

Stunning Patterns Green Lake Jewelry specializes in an array of  Old World jewelry techniques and we take pride in crafting our engraving by hand to continue this tradition. From classic scroll to wheat patterns, our jewelers have the finesse to create other unique motifs to create truly custom wedding band sets. To get a feel […]

Family Gemstone Ring Inspiration

Family gemstone rings are perfect for mothers, fathers, grandparents, and guardians of all kinds. Here are some of our favorite ways to mix and match all the different shapes and colors into one cohesive and gorgeous ring design. Be sure to check out our blog all about birthstones if you need to identify what gems […]

Our Top 16 Online Ring Designs

Green Lake Jewelry has worked with couples across the country and around the world to design extraordinary custom designs. Here are sixteen of our most memorable custom ring designs, created entirely through our Design Page online portal. Start your own Design Page and speak to a designer today! 1. A Rose Gold Rose Ring In […]

Meet Your Designer, Brooke

Brooke began her career as a Graphic Designer when she was serving in the United States Air Force. She worked with photographers and videographers on a wide range of projects including recruiting visuals, documentation of Operation Enduring Freedom, various award and promotion plaques and signage for military installations.  She’s always been an explorer, touring the […]

Best of 2022

This year, our clients brought an exciting array of inspiration to our studio! Designers were thrilled to take their rough ideas and turn them into tangible heirlooms, in collaboration with our talented team of CAD designers and jewelers at the bench. We hope you will be as inspired by these designs as we were while […]