Fantasy Jewelry A to Z

If you have an element from a favorite book, movie, or video game that you’d like to include stylistically in your jewelry design, Green Lake has crafted all sorts of jewelry that draws on their client’s passion for fantasy. Take a look at our alphabet of fantasy designs below- We really have made everything from […]

Make a Special Place Ring

Incorporating a location into a piece of jewelry is a great way to add a very personalized story to a jewelry design. There are so many beautiful places where we share fond memories with our families and partners. Every couple has their special place, whether that is a favorite hike in the mountains, where they […]

40 Fantastic Floral Engagement Rings

Add a romantic and personalized detail to your custom ring design by including a floral element. Take a look through our favorite flower rings for inspiration, and be sure to send us a picture of your favorite flower or a significant one you’d like to include in your custom design! – Aster Ring- Layers of […]

Mine Your Own (From Home!)

For the month of May, any Green Lake Jewelry Works client who spends $250 or more on a new custom deposit, gift, or gift card will receive a complimentary bag of Montana sapphire rich gravel to sort through at home! If you’ve attended one of our Mine Your Own events, you know how fun it […]

Historical Periods of Jewelry

While all of the jewelry we make at Green Lake Jewelry Works are brand new custom pieces, many of our designs are inspired by or draw elements from classic antique styles of jewelry. The phrase “antique-inspired” covers a huge range of history, so we thought it would be fun to briefly visit a few iconic […]

Meet Your Designer, Ashley

It’s not just our couples who have many sources for the inspiration for their unique custom rings, our designers find inspiration all around them and use those experiences to make one-of-a-kind design elements. Designer Ashley shares how her hobbies are an extension of the unique details in her custom work at the studio, her couples’ favorite […]

Meet Your Designer, Rebecca

How does your New York background influence your style versus the Pacific Northwest aesthetic?  How do the Seattle and New York art and design scenes differ from one another? New York is a true hub of art and design on a global scale, and the general accessibility to cutting edge art, design, and fashion from […]

#StayHome Engagement

In this tumultuous time, life is hard to navigate, and the love from your partner, friends, and family is the one reassuring thing holding it all together. If you are planning on proposing, or thinking of getting engaged, we are here for you. Love is not cancelled! Now more than ever, this is the time to re-affirm our love for each other. So to all our Green […]

Our Top 16 Online Ring Designs

Green Lake Jewelry has worked with couples across the country and around the world to design extraordinary custom designs. Here are sixteen of our most memorable custom ring designs, created entirely through our Design Page online portal. Start your own Design Page and speak to a designer today! 1. A Rose Gold Rose Ring In […]

16 Unique Filigree Ring Styles

At Green Lake Jewelry Works, our Gold and Platinumsmiths are skilled artists who craft and create every ring we make by hand. Below are our favorite ways of incorporating the -nearly- lost art of filigree wire designs into jewelry. 1. Two-Tone Filigree We love the dimension you can achieve when utilizing multiple metals in an […]