Hand Crafted Engraving

Stunning Patterns Green Lake Jewelry specializes in an array of  Old World jewelry techniques and we take pride in crafting our engraving by hand to continue this tradition. From classic scroll to wheat patterns, our jewelers have the finesse to create other unique motifs to create truly custom wedding band sets. To get a feel […]

Our Top 16 Online Ring Designs

Green Lake Jewelry has worked with couples across the country and around the world to design extraordinary custom designs. Here are sixteen of our most memorable custom ring designs, created entirely through our Design Page online portal. Start your own Design Page and speak to a designer today! 1. A Rose Gold Rose Ring In […]

Best of 2022

This year, our clients brought an exciting array of inspiration to our studio! Designers were thrilled to take their rough ideas and turn them into tangible heirlooms, in collaboration with our talented team of CAD designers and jewelers at the bench. We hope you will be as inspired by these designs as we were while […]

How To Halo: 44 Ways!

1. Accented Adding two uniquely shaped diamonds where the halo and band meet is a simple way to personalize a classic halo design. As another bonus, the accent draws your eye to the center gemstone in the ring! 2. Art Deco Get inspired by the architectural themes of the 1920s and create an Art Deco […]

Custom Design Your Dream Ring

Start a Design Page Upload inspiration photos and save favorite designs from our website to start collaborating with a Green Lake designer before your appointment. Meet Your Designer Visit our studio to try on rings, explore our collection of gems, and get inspired to create your own gorgeous custom ring! Locations Bellevue 25 Bellevue Way […]

Toi et Moi: Two Stone Rings

Romantic French Toi et Moi (You and Me) settings date back to the 17th century, when Napoleon Bonaparte proposed to widow Josephine de Beauharnais with a pear-shaped sapphire and diamond ring. Today, two-stone rings are still a timeless celebration of couples and a storied evolution of an iconic design. The selection of gemstones for a […]

46 Amazing Ring Galleries

When custom designing a ring, every millimeter of space is available for personalization! The side view may seem like a small area of your ring, but it’s a wonderful place to hide a personalized design element that’s special to the wearer. Many ‘custom’ jewelers only show the top views of their rings because that’s the […]

Awesome Reviews

November 2022 Insightful Feedback “I had a wonderful time working with Ellen L on my partner’s engagement ring! She was super patient and helpful with my many questions in making sure I understood the whole design process. I had an idea of what I wanted the ring to be and she provided insightful feedback and […]

Meet Your Designer, Sophie

With her background in Art History, Sophie brings a wealth of artistic knowledge and storied motifs to each of her custom designs. Beyond her understanding of visual culture and art, Sophie trained at Western Washington University to manage museum collections, records of works, and art preservation.  Sophie’s passion for collaborating with clients and celebrating old-world […]

Ombré Jewelry

An ombré of shifting colors is a beautiful way to add dimension and detail to an engagement ring design. Custom engagement rings are a wonderful canvas to explore and play with color because the design can be tailored to your absolute favorite shades. When a gradient is built, your designer will hand-select each gemstone to […]