Jewelry Stories

Best of 2023

See our favorite designs from the past year!

Unique Design Elements

Masterwork Originals

Incredible custom pieces that are truly one-of-a-kind with elaborate fabrication.

Animal Jewelry

Beautiful jewelry inspired by a menagerie of animals.

Botanical Jewelry

This collection of jewelry highlights works that celebrate trees, plants, leaves, and seeds found in the great outdoors.

Celtic Designs

Gorgeous Celtic motifs to inspire your next custom jewelry design.

Fantasy Jewelry

If you have an element from a favorite book, movie, or video game that you’d like to include stylistically in your jewelry design, Green Lake has crafted all sorts of jewelry that draws on a passion for fantasy.

Floral Jewelry

Add a romantic and personalized detail to your custom ring design by including a floral element.

Amazing Galleries

When custom designing a ring, every millimeter of space is available for personalization. The side view may seem like a small area of your ring, but it’s a wonderful place to hide a design element that’s special to the wearer.

Historical Periods of Jewelry

Explore iconic eras of jewelry from Edwardian to Art Deco.

Modern Rings

Sleek and modern designs to inspire a unique wedding band or engagement ring.

Place Rings

Create a ring designed with your favorite landscape in mind!

Gift Ideas

Unique Gift Motifs

Here are some of our favorite gift motifs to celebrate life’s special moments.

Jewelry Techniques

Filigree Ring Styles

Small curls of wire can be crafted in a variety of shapes and styles to suit your custom ring.

Fabricating Filigree

See how our jewelers craft filigree curls for our custom rings.

Hand-Crafted Engraving

Green Lake Jewelry specializes in an array of  Old World jewelry techniques and we take pride in crafting our engraving by hand to continue this tradition. 

Milgrain Ring Styles

This jewelry technique adds a beaded texture to metal and creates an eye-catching degree of sparkle.

Setting Styles for Accent Diamonds

See examples of all of our hand-crafted setting styles.

Ring Types

Family Gemstone Rings

A perfect gift for mothers, fathers, grandparents, and guardians of all kinds. Here are some of our favorite ways to mix and match all the different shapes and colors of birthstones into one cohesive and gorgeous ring design. 

Halo Styles

Explore all different styles of custom halos from classic to unique.

Shadow Band Inspiration

Find the perfect style of wedding band to custom fit next to your engagement ring.

Signet Rings

Make your signet ring with a personalized design that reflects your individuality.

Three Stone Rings

You don’t have to search for the perfect three-stone when you can have it created, just for you.

Two Stone Rings

The selection of gemstones for a Toi et Moi is essential to making your personalized two-stone ring. Collaborate with our gemstone experts to select a beautiful pairing.

Vintage Reproductions

See the vintage rings that inspired these brand-new antique-inspired designs.


Round & Fancy Diamond Shapes

If you’re unsure which diamond cut is the most ‘ideal’ for your own custom design, get inspired with these collections of diamond shapes, set in both traditional and unique custom settings made in our studio.

Rose Cut Diamonds

If you are looking for a diamond ring that will be low profile with vintage and modern charm perhaps a rose-cut diamond is the perfect center stone for your custom design. 

Colored Gemstones


Birthstones have a long and storied past that has evolved over many cultures. If you’re a historian at heart, and passionate about gems, birthstones are a treasure trove of records to explore!

Colored Gemstone Rainbow

Bring vibrant color into your life by choosing a beautifully colored gemstone for your engagement ring.

Ombré Jewelry

An ombré of shifting colors is a beautiful way to add dimension and detail to an engagement ring design. 

Parti Sapphires

Bi-color gemstones are a fascinating demonstration of the effects of a changing natural environment during the formation of a given stone. 

Custom Design

Design Your Dream Ring

Learn about how we help you design the perfect engagement ring!

Online Ring Design

See rings we’ve made entirely online through our Design Page portal.

Best of

Best of 2022

From gorgeous animal-inspired jewelry to beautiful botanical pieces. See the best of 2022!

Best of 2021

Gorgeous wedding sets and family-inspired jewelry were among some of the most notable designs of 2021.

Best of 2020

Statement necklaces and extraordinary engagement rings made 2020’s jewelry designs extra special.

Best of 2019

Our best designs from 2019 are stunning engagement rings that are truly timeless.

Meet Our Designers

From Our Bellevue Studio

Ben’s meticulous attention to detail and thoughtfully innovative designs mean the world to each of his clients.

Brooke adores working closely with her couples. She even got ordained to marry two of her clients!

Passionate about engagement rings and design, Ellen adores helping her clients find the perfect combination of design elements to suit their personality.

As a fine painter, Erich’s loves to tell a story with each stroke. With jewelry there is the same opportunity to tell a client’s story through design. 

Lena’s background in illustration offers you the opportunity to see each iteration as your design comes together.

From Our Seattle Studio

With a passion for collaborative theater, singing, and the art of storytelling, Christine understands how a custom jewelry design is a perfect match for those passionate about the arts and those with a story to tell. 

With an NYC fashion and fine jewelry background, Rebecca loves to help her clients discover their personal style and taste in jewelry as they create together. 

To Sasha, jewelry is a canvas for self-expression, a reflection of personality, lifestyle, and taste. 

Skilled at working with clients remotely, Sophia has designed hundreds of pieces of jewelry entirely online in a vast range of styles.

With a background in Art History, Sophie loves to help her clients create their own masterpiece.

Vinh brings to his work a critical eye and keen ability to adapt to individual preferences, providing for stunning objects reflective of their owner’s unique style.

From Online

A talented painter and artist, Chelsea brings her incredible hand-drawn rendering skills to our clients to help them envision and create the perfect design.