Marquise Diamonds

Design No. 186958 Marquise diamonds are a beautiful choice for a custom engagement ring. Their cut is suited to a variety of styles from nature-inspired to vintage and even minimalist modern designs. “They are beautiful for elongating the finger without adding extra width across the finger,” says designer Sophia. “The length also gives you the […]

Scientific Rings

Design No. 192331 Let science and innovation offer inspiration for your next piece of custom jewelry! Here are a few favorites where a Green Lake designer has helped add scientific flair to a custom project. Be sure to check out Green Lake Gallery for more eclectic pieces of STEM jewelry! Aerospace From rivets to propellers […]

Aesthetic Jewelry

Making a custom piece of jewelry is a wonderful way to celebrate your favorite aesthetic and core style! Combine multiple styles into one incredible piece of jewelry with the help of your Green Lake Jewelry Designer. A statement ring, necklace, or bracelet is a fun way to add a touch of personality and style to […]

Colored Diamonds

Vintage Champagne Diamond Ring No. 189221 Diamonds come in such a beautiful array of colors whether they are natural or lab-created. Below are custom jewelry examples in a rainbow of diamonds. (If you like these, be sure to check out rustic diamonds too! )What’s your favorite color? Champagne Pink Orange Yellow Green Blue Purple

Let’s Celebrate! Rainbow & PRIDE Jewelry

Ruby Ring No. 180580 & Yellow Diamond Ring No. 99009 Our most colorful custom rings and gifts for June Pride Month! Collaborate with your personal designer to add a rainbow touch to your custom design or discover the perfect ready-to-wear piece from our online Green Lake Gallery. Custom Rings Rainbow Vines Leaves and vines are […]

Rustic Diamonds

Rustic diamonds are a beautiful choice for so many different styles of rings from minimalist to vintage-inspired. Here are some of the incredible options from our collection of custom rings to consider for color and unique shapes. Colors Gorgeous earth tones of all shades are available in rustic diamond form. What’s your favorite rustic diamond […]

Montana Sapphire Beads

Teal Beads Necklace Design No. 188258 & Pink Station Necklace Design No. 190146 Design No. 188292 We’re excited to announce a very unique gemstone offering to our Bellevue and Seattle studios: hand-faceted beads sourced from Montana! Read on to see how each part of our studio team helped bring these beautiful beads to life and […]

Celestial Jewelry

Design No. 122911 Get inspired with some of our favorite celestial custom rings and jewelry! Personalize your design with your favorite stars, moons, and galaxies to create a truly unique piece. Start by collaborating with your personal designer today! Compass Star Rings A halo with North, South, East, and West accents makes a beautiful compass-style […]

East-West Engagement Rings

From Left to Right: Floral Marquise Ring No. 152532, East West Ribbon Ring Design No. 145817, Emerald Cut Solitaire Design No. 151300, and East-West Emerald Cut Ring Design No. 131101 East-West engagement rings are a perfect style for a custom design! We can set any gemstone in the orientation you prefer. Below are a few […]

Incredible Custom Jewelry: From Rings to Accessories

It is an honor to collaborate with you to create unique jewelry that captures the essence of your love story. Our studios specialize in crafting bespoke rings and bespoke jewelry that reflects your personality. Explore some of our favorite custom pieces at Green Lake Jewelry Works and find out how you can make your own […]