Meet Your Designer, Sasha

Sasha was practically born into the jewelry industry! Growing up with a mom who was a designer specializing in pearl jewelry, she naturally developed a deep love for all things bejeweled.

Sasha rocking her favorite jewels from her private collection.

Her path took an interesting turn in her college days, when she started buying and selling vintage gold jewelry. This ignited a passion that led Sasha to the prestigious Gemological Institute Of America, where she dove into the intricate world of Gemology and Jewelry Design and Technology.

But for Sasha, jewelry isn’t just a job; it’s her life! She loves collecting unique custom and vintage pieces, and mixing and matching metals and gemstones. To her, jewelry is meant to be fun! It’s a way to express yourself and show off your personality and style.

Sasha’s inspiration comes from all walks of life – from people’s stories and emotions to the beauty of nature, art, history, architecture and music. To her, jewelry is a canvas for self-expression, a reflection of personality, lifestyle, and taste. She understands that jewelry isn’t just a casual accessory; it’s a vessel of emotion and love meant to last for generations.

Sharing her passion and knowledge is important to Sasha. She is dedicated to helping turn a client’s jewelry dreams into reality, and making sure they feel heard, informed, and confident.



Beyond jewelry, Sasha is a creative soul. She dabbles in embroidery, singing, songwriting, drawing, fashion, and even interior design. So when you choose Sasha, you’re not just getting a jewelry designer; you’re welcoming a creative partner who’s passionate about helping you express yourself through beautiful, meaningful jewelry.