Meet Your Designer, Lena

An award winning illustrator, Lena is an experienced designer with strong digital and hand illustration skills, and years of practical experience applying her skills to custom jewelry design. A graduate of the Parsons School of Design, Lena uses her art to investigate ideas and view the end product as a recording of her experience with […]

Meet Your Designer, Ben

Based out of our Bellevue studio, Senior Designer Ben has a flair for bringing imaginative jewelry designs to life. Not merely a metal ring, he believes in the sacred power that a one-of-a-kind design uses to help express and channel the wearer’s intentions. In this sense, he truly enjoys listening to and learning about the […]

Meet Your Designer, Ashley

It’s not just our couples who have many sources for the inspiration for their unique custom rings, our designers find inspiration all around them and use those experiences to make one-of-a-kind design elements. Designer Ashley shares how her hobbies are an extension of the unique details in her custom work at the studio, her couples’ favorite […]

Meet Your Designer, Rebecca

How does your New York background influence your style versus the Pacific Northwest aesthetic?  How do the Seattle and New York art and design scenes differ from one another? New York is a true hub of art and design on a global scale, and the general accessibility to cutting edge art, design, and fashion from […]

Meet Your Designer, Sophia

For being such a small object, there are a lot of details to determine when designing an engagement ring. Having the help of a seasoned expert Sophia Shen, with a over a decade of experience designing jewelry, to guide you through the process makes every decision that much easier. Finding the perfect engagement ring shouldn’t […]

Meet Your Designer, Chelsea

Collaborating with your own personal designer is one of the most unique aspects of custom designing a piece of jewelry at Green Lake Jewelry Works. Our designers serve as artistic guides to lead you through the design process and offer creative insight so you receive a piece of jewelry that is meaningful and personal to […]

Meet Your Designer, Pia

Hailing from Torino, Italy, Pia brings her seemingly effortless style and European sensibility to the Green Lake studio. Adored by her clients for her natural rapport and thoughtful designs, Pia is well known for her gestural sketching style to quickly communicate innovative concepts. From there, Pia refines every detail to perfection for each of her […]

Meet Your Designer, Mitch

Mitch has worked in the fine jewelry business and design for over 24 years and has been with Green Lake Jewelry Works for the last decade. He finds the exciting part about being an artist at Green Lake is having the opportunity to work with great people and the ability to design and create personalized […]

Meet Your Designer, Ellen

What brought you to Green Lake Jewelry Works?  I’ve been mildly obsessed with engagement rings since I was in high school. I grew up in a very creative family, with a mother who is a talented painter, a grandfather who produces incredible stained glass pieces and watercolor artwork, and grandmothers on both sides who had […]

Meet Your Designer, Amber

For the past fifteen years, Senior Designer Amber has collaborated with countless couples to create their perfect rings. Amber’s dedication to building a genuine rapport with each couple is evident in the array of incredible jewelry designs she has created at Green Lake. Since she is so fond of meeting new clients, we’re excited to […]