Parti Sapphires

Bi-color & parti gemstones are a fascinating demonstration of the effects of a changing natural environment during the formation of a given stone. People are often familiar with the unique charm of bi-color tourmaline, but not many know about the gorgeous variety of bi-color and parti and sapphires.

Bi-color sapphires have a mix of two colors.

Parti-sapphires have a mix of three or more colors.

The specific conditions necessary to create sapphires are incredibly rare. Sapphires are in the corundum family, and are essentially formed by cooling magma inside igneous rock. The terrain of the region must be free of silicone, one of the most common elements on earth. The right conditions are only found in a handful of places around the world. Sapphires are mined in Australia, Nigeria, Myanmar, Thailand, and even here in the US in Montana!

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Did you know that sapphires come in every color under the sun? Pure corundum presents as a clear, misty white gemstone. Other trace elements and minerals (like titanium, iron, cobalt, and copper) must be present in the rock during the growth process to create other colors and hues.

Parti Sapphires in Custom Rings

Pear Parti-Color Sapphire with Cobalt Blue and Taupe Teal coloration.

2.59 Carat 9.9 x 7.0 x 4.4 mm Gem No: SHI205C

Commonly confused with color-changing sapphire (where a sapphire exhibits a strong change in color and appearance in different types of light), Bi Color parti sapphires display distinct zones of two or more colors, no matter the light or angle from which they are viewed.

Most parti sapphires display a coupling of three possible hues; blue, yellow, or green. Some particularly rare sapphires will display a trio of all three colors. We occasionally even see an unexpected hint of orange in a parti sapphire!

Emerald Cut Parti Sapphire

with Denim and Canary split coloration.

2.35 carat 8.5 x 5.9 x 4.5 mm SHI242A

Radiant Sapphire with Parti Coloring

Periwinkle striping and borders with a Cream Yellow center
2.80 carat 9.2 x 7.3 x 4.2 mm Gem No: SHI245A

Because parti sapphires are cut and faceted specifically to enhance these unique color zones, you can often find intriguing specialty and fantasy cuts. For all these reasons, the exact look of a parti sapphire can’t be replicated, and choosing one will give you a truly one-of-a-kind center stone!

Is there a special someone in your life who deserves a completely unique gemstone for their engagement ring? Our expert gemologists are here to help you find the perfect parti sapphire! Visit one of our studios for a consultation with a gem concierge to see examples of these breathtaking sapphires up-close-and-personal, or view our online gallery of high-definition videos and photo galleries to find the right stone for you.