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‘White’ Gemstones for Engagement Rings – Diamonds, Moissanite and Sapphire

Diamonds are of course the most popular choice of center stone for engagement rings, but in recent years the industry has seen a shift to alternative stones such as moissanite and sapphire. While choosing the center stone for your engagement ring comes down to personal preference, it’s important to consider each gemstone’s strengths and weaknesses. […]


  FROM the SOURCE To spend a day sifting through rocks with Montana miner Drew Barns, you might come to believe sapphires are anything but rare. On his sprawling property along a bend in the Yellowstone River stands a hard-worn sluice, the go-to machine for a placer miner like Drew, who loads the hopper with […]

MELTING GOLD: Watch Pouring Ingot to Make a Ring

From the crucible to the ingot mold, watch where a ring truly begins to take shape. Fire in the Green Lake workshop is as daily an occurrence as is hammering and filing, and truth be told it ignites some magic and excitement in us every time: MELTING GOLD from Green Lake Jewelry Works on Vimeo. […]

HEAVY METAL: Hand Engraved

   Here is a men’s wedding band unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. It’s an inlayed, relief engraved mokume gane ring, crafted entirely by hand – and there’s only one. Not surprisingly, it’s available exclusively at Green Lake Jewelry Works.    Green Lake specializes in making totally custom, handmade, one a kind wedding jewelry. To offer […]

GOLDEN TATE: Touchdown Jesus

When local pro football wide receiver Golden Tate first called on Green Lake Jewelry Works, we thought for sure he was looking to make a custom ring. After all, that is the core of what we do. However, Green Lake has also recently produced some big, custom pieces – from Pawn Star Chum Lee’s face […]

DESIGNER PROFILE: Sungwoo Hong’s Venus Hairpin

About the Artist: At Green Lake Jewelry Works, ‘Eric’ Sungwoo Hong is a skillful jeweler, setting the smallest of gemstones with steady hands and confident mastery. He recently represented Green Lake at the 2012 Chicago Smart Jewelry Show Bench Pressure Challenge – a national competition that gathers a select few of the most seasoned and […]

PROCESS VOL. 5 – Chumlee’s Birthday Pendent

The world of gemological study and fine jewelry fabrication can be a bit of an incestuous industry; everyone knows everyone. One friend of Green Lake is actually a gemologist for Gold & Silver Pawnshop on the Vegas strip – also the set of the hit show Pawn Stars on the History Channel. Recently, as one of America’s favorite […]