Scientific Rings

Design No. 192331

Let science and innovation offer inspiration for your next piece of custom jewelry! Here are a few favorites where a Green Lake designer has helped add scientific flair to a custom project. Be sure to check out Green Lake Gallery for more eclectic pieces of STEM jewelry!


From rivets to propellers and cockpit dials, there are so many exciting aerospace visuals to include in a ring! (We’ve even designed a series of pins based on WWII aircraft.)


See a museum-worthy piece of jewelry you find totally captivating? Bring in a photo to re-create your own modern version at our design studio.


Galaxies to meteorites, we’ve got you covered for all celestial designs! Include a fragment of meteorite for intergalactic charm!


Hand-engraved thumbprints are an incredibly personal detail we can engrave to a ring or pendant. Is there a more unique inside engraving?


Take inspiration from your favorite flower, plant, or tree to add a touch of color or a cast metal detail to your engagement ring. Design No. 193151 features an engraving with Jacarda Tree flowers and a sapphire in the same shade as the blooms to celebrate the Bride’s hometown.

Civil Engineering

Your favorite built landmark can become a focal point of your custom design if you’re passionate about engineering. Or keep it simple with a classic ruler – made to scale!


Twisting helix patterns are a splendid inspiration for a custom ring. We loved helping make a custom bacteriophage-inspired en-phage-ment ring- A truly unique motif!


Create an entire ecosystem in your custom piece of jewelry.


Personalize your custom jewelry with a favorite insect (or arachnid!). Check out the cicada, bumble bee, spider, and moth-inspired designs below.


Topographical maps and coordinates are fun ways to include your favorite location in your ring design. What place would you like to celebrate?


These designs pay homage to an ever-changing landscape: mountains, lava flows and pipes are all included below.


Golden ratios, sinusoidal waves, mobius twists, infinity symbols and hopf vibration form are just some of the mathematical motifs we’ve crafted into a custom piece of jewelry– We’re excited to see what inspiration you bring to your project!

Marine Biology

There’s an ocean of inspiration and organisms to inspire custom jewelry: manta rays, killer whales, tide pools, whale sharks, oh my!

Mechanical Engineering

Gears, boat propellers, and wrenches are all fun motifs for mechanical engineering-inspired design!


Caduceus symbols, skulls, EKGs, and anatomically correct are all ways to reference a background in medicine with your jewelry. We also love creating custom ring holders to keep rings safe while working with your hands.


Snowflake-inspired halos and season-inspired engravings are a few ways to feature the weather in your custom ring!


Fungus can have such beautiful structures- what about a lacey Phallus indusiatus-inspired pierced ring design!


 Let ocean currents, waves, and geophysical fluid dynamics inform the structure of your custom ring design!


Your favorite dino can now be part of your favorite piece of jewelry! Use an oval diamond as an egg in the nest of your favorite dino or wear prehistoric bone fragments as a watch face.


Atomic engraving motifs and watch dials crafted from superconductor materials are a cool way to add a touch of physics to your piece of jewelry!


Animals make for a striking piece of jewelry with lots of character. What creature would you like to wear as a piece of jewelry?