Masterworks Originals

Design No. 156150

For 24 years, Green Lake Jewelry Works has been crafting one-of-a-kind ring designs for clients across the country, and around the world. We pride ourselves on our original designs and offering our clients the experience of a true custom jewelry house. 

At Green Lake, the epitome of this custom design experience is starting with an idea and creating an heirloom piece of wearable art that is a truly individualized design we have never made before. These Masterworks are our most emblematic designs because they represent both a celebration of originality and of our client’s individual style.

Design No. 90130
Design No. 118839
Design No. 142463

Stop searching, start designing.

When clients come to us with a concept for their unique ring design, it is often because their search has yielded nothing tangible. It can be incredibly frustrating to know exactly what you want and not find anything that can compare. The first productive step you can take is deciding that what you want is the perfect candidate for a custom design process, and the time you spent searching could be invested in designing a remarkable piece of jewelry.  

Sketches are a glimpse into the future.

If you find yourself asking,  ‘Am I too particular because I spend so much time searching and searching for the perfect [insert item here]?’ The truth is, you’re not. You have a strong personal sense of style and know what you like. This is the reason that Green Lake Jewelry exists, designing unique custom jewelry that stands out in a world of mass-produced jewelry.

You don’t have to search and settle for the closest match to what you want. You can start with the ideas you love and end up with the design you absolutely adore because it was made just for you. Embrace that what you’re looking for doesn’t exist, and let Green Lake Jewelry Works help you create what you’re envisioning! 

Design No. 146297

See your ideas come to life.

The ideas you bring to us for your initial concept aren’t confined to choices in material, like precious metal type, gemstone, and stone setting. At Green Lake, that initial concept can have a deeper meaning of the story you want your jewelry to tell. We have clients who want to include symbolic elements in their ring designs they have not seen anywhere else, and we are happy to incorporate those elements into a beautiful and cohesive design.

The designs below represent a few of our favorite genres of jewelry we craft in our studio.




Design No. 130128


Design No. 127135


Design No. 125916


Art Deco Design No. 129734


Design No. 149154


Design No. 108579

Channel your style with an artist.

For many individuals, this is their first time embarking on a project that is a discovery of their tastes and personal style. Creating a timeless piece of jewelry is a reflection of your past, while also looking forward to how your style will evolve.

Ring Design No. 127466 Band Design No. 128477 Pendant Design No. 128487

If you have ever sought the advice of an expert for customization, you know how invaluable their advice can be: visiting a tailor for the perfect fit on a special outfit, consulting a landscape architect to create your dream garden, or visiting the only hairstylist who can get your look right. Why not consult an expert to design your jewelry?

Our designers are equally invested in this venture with you because they have a passion for bringing artistic ideas to life. At Green Lake you have the option to select the artist you’d like to collaborate with, someone who cares about and shares your creative passions.

Design No. 107163

Jewelry Memories

When celebrating an iconic moment of life like a wedding, birth, graduation or special anniversary, an original heirloom quality, wearable personal talisman is a permanent reminder of that special moment.

The power of custom design is taking what’s in your mind’s eye and making it real. Our Masterworks are our client’s most personal ideas, brought to life in fine jewelry. We look forward to designing with you!