40 Fantastic Floral Engagement Rings

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Add a romantic and personalized detail to your custom ring design by including a floral element. Take a look through our favorite flower rings for inspiration, and be sure to send us a picture of your favorite flower or a significant one you’d like to include in your custom design!

– Aster Ring-

Layers of petals are accented by milgrain edges in this aster inspired ring. Milgrain adds such lovely detail and texture, giving this ring a vintage feel.

-Azalea Ring-

Eye-catching azaleas are arranged in a three-stone style with the center diamond in this unique flower ring. Framing your center diamond with flowers is a lovely way to have a more traditional style ring with an organic and natural detail.

-Bellflower Ring-

Using a gemstone as the main focal point in a floral ring is another beautiful way to add this natural element. We love custom faceting gemstones to create unique flower patterns like this one. Check out our gem gallery for more unique flower sapphire shapes too!

-Blue Anemone Ring-

Three-dimensional petals add layers of texture to this unique bezel-set solitaire. Floral designs can be as simple, or complex, as you’d like.

-Callifornia Poppy-

Get inspired by the state and native flowers in your region to create a truly bespoke work of art!

-Calla Lily Rings-

The organic and sculptural form of a calla lily lends itself easily as a dramatic element in a ring design. Even as a simple gallery detail, calla lilies add a natural element to a traditional vintage-style solitaire.

-Cherry Blossom Jewelry-

Using another color metal, like rose gold against platinum, quickly evokes the lush color of spring blossoms. Hand-carved petals and detailing add texture and interest to these romantic spring rings.

-Chrysanthemum Ring-

Bright color gemstones and patterned halos are another way to evoke a floral pattern while still creating a very classic styled ring.

-Columbine Ring-

Using hand-crafted design elements like filigree can create delicate flower ring designs. This columbine ring uses filigree wire to create the spurs of the columbine flower that extend from the back of the flower.

-Cream Cup Flower Ring-

Clusters of diamond accents add texture to the center of this floral ring.
The addition of a bright polish around the edges defines the petals of this cream cup flower too.

-Daffodil Ring-

Custom design often means creating your own patterns, whether that is an engraved design or a three-dimensional motif that is mirrored on your engagement ring. This delicate daffodil engraving makes a platinum band so personalized, as does this geometric filigree petal halo.

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-Dahlia Rings-

Nature is filled with eye-catching patterns. We love looking to dahlia flowers for layered petals and geometry. Adding colored accents quickly evokes a dahlia on a summer day.

-Daisy Rings-

Daisy, Daisy,
Give me your answer, do!

Just like the song, daisies are such a charming flower, and making a daisy engagement ring is such a lovely declaration of love! The top design features a Montana sapphire with a section of yellow running through the teal to highlight the yellow daisy centers.

-Desert Rose Ring-

Rubies add a vibrant color to this halo, making this whole design evoke a blooming desert rose.

-Dogwood Ring-

Champagne diamonds add sparkle as the center of these matte-finished dogwood flowers. Colored diamonds achieve a saturated color that is often difficult to achieve with smaller melee colored sapphires. These accent diamonds are also more durable accents too!

-Echinacea Ring-

A statement gemstone needs a statement setting. This echinacea inspired cocktail ring sits beautifully on the finger, like your own personal garden party. Sparkling dewdrops adorn the petals and catch the light!

– Edelweiss Ring-

The national flower of Switzerland, this edelweiss ring not only transports you into nature, it reminds you of a trip and place where you spent time with your loved one. Flowers are truly magic reminders!

-Forget-Me-Not Rings-

Small and dainty, you could never forget a forget-me-not, and that’s why it’s the perfect reminder of love to include in your engagement ring.

-Foxglove Ring-

An organic spray of foxgloves adds a unique element to this vintage styled ring. Contrasting geometry with the flowing shape of florals is another great way to add a softness and airy feel to a custom jewelry design.

-Hellebores Ring-

Color can evoke such a strong floral aesthetic in a ring design. With a colored sapphire, you will truly have a one-of-a-kind engagement ring like no other.

-Honeysuckle Rings-

Create a couple’s set of matching rings with your favorite flower as the common theme!

-Hydrangea Ring-

Among the many tools in our arsenal of jewelry techniques are wax carving and hand fabricating, which can create the most dainty and delicate blooms, as shown in this hydrangea inspired ring.

-Iris Ring-

Finely engraved lines evoke the strokes of different colors in a spring iris. Irises were an oft-used flower in the Art Nouveau movement, and they feel right at home in this flowing vintage design.

-Jasmine Rings-

Clustered halos of similarly shaped diamonds quickly create a flower style ring. Adding a pointed petal evokes the jasmine flower motif desired by the client in a very elegant way.

-Lily Rings-

While lily blossoms can be fleeting, a floral ring will last a lifetime. You can wear the bouquet from your wedding or first date flowers every day as a romantic token. If you don’t want your engagement ring to be so flowery, adding a floral motif to a shadow band is a great way to accent a traditional engagement ring setting.

-Lily of the Valley-

The delicate flow of a wrap-style setting lends itself nicely to evoking the gentle curve of a lily or the valley stem.


One of our most popular halo motifs, the lotus flower adds drama and elegance to a custom design. For many families, it is also a memento of their heritage and culture.

-Orchid Jewelry-

The sleek and architectural petals of an orchid lend themselves to being cast in a bright, smooth platinum.

-Peony Rings-

One flower can be interpreted in many ways, and with varying degrees of prominence. When you share a photo with us, we will collaborate with you until it looks the way you envision it. That’s why custom jewelry lends itself so nicely to personalized details like favorite flowers.

-Phlox Ring-

The delicate flutter of flox petals make this classic halo even more delicate. Nature is a great source of inspiration for our designers.

-Plumeria Jewelry-

A tropical flower that might not always be in bloom where you live, but it will always be at hand when you make it into a memorable piece of jewelry!

-Rose Ring-

A rose is a romantic symbol that can be interpreted in so many ways: from a graphic blooming swirl to layers of metal petals. A rose in rose gold makes the motif even more vibrant.

-Soapwort Ring-

Delicate wildflowers from your hiking photos and adventures are a wonderful motif to include in a custom wedding band. We love how this wildflower wedding ring includes mixed metals and multitude of textures.

-Southern Star Ring-

Experimenting with color and gemstone shapes can create one-of-a-kind flower ring designs. A mosaic of gemstones is a beautiful way to reinterpret your favorite bloom into jewelry.

– Sunflower Rings-

Engraved textures add fine detail to this sunflower wedding band.
The bright cutting of the petals evokes a brilliant summer day, and a fine stippling of the metal creates the textured centers of a sunflower in bloom.

-Thistle Ring-

The undergallery of a ring is a lovely space to add a flower motif. Here,
a celtic thistle terminates a classic vintage half-wheat engraving.

-Trillium Ring-

Floral elements are a lovely inclusion in an any asymmetric ring design.

-Tulip Ring-

Tulip flowers frame a gorgeous marquise diamond and hold it secure with petal prongs. Incorporating a floral motif into the structure of the ring means that the end result is elegant and delicate in its form.

-Queen Anne’s Lace Ring-

When this client was unable to find a ring that had her favorite flower and a rustic feel, she came to Green Lake, where we were able to create the perfect design for her. Champagne diamonds add beautiful sparkle to this queen anne’s lace, lit by a stars at dusk.