Modern Rings

Design No. 131059

If you’re drawn to sleek and modern jewelry, our designers are experts at collaborating with clients to help them plan and create their unique design concepts.

Both complex and minimalist pieces benefit from being customized as each aspect of the setting, finishing, and transition of surfaces are thoughtfully executed at each step of the design process.

If you are a designer, maker, or craftsperson of any kind, creating custom jewelry with our studio is an exciting opportunity to delve into the ancient art of jewelry fabrication and a new area of design. From thoughtful engagement rings to your own signature pieces of jewelry, there are so many exciting design directions to explore.

Design No. 108579


The joining of surfaces, gemstones, and the setting of the gemstone itself, offers a diverse array of options to bring angular elements into a piece of jewelry.


Crisp engraving patterns and minimalist tension settings are beautifully executed as graceful arcs.


Playing with the position and visual weight of diamonds is one way to explore asymmetry in a ring design. At our studio, you can help hand-select your set of diamonds and plan out your ideal composition before the design is made in CAD.

Black & White

A timeless black and white color scheme can be achieved using an array of diamonds. Black, grey, and white diamonds can capture each shade individually, while a salt and pepper diamond can encapsulate the lovely combination of both!


Exploring the saturation of gemstone colors with an ombré shift in a pavé style setting can add a lush sparkle and texture to your design.

Design No. 125380


There is a rainbow of gemstones and precious metals to choose from. We love when a metal pairing helps accentuate the warm and cool tones of each color.


So much of jewelry fabrication at the bench is understanding geometry and how to create curved forms from straight lines and flat sheets of material. These rings highlight the numerous ways you can play with the geometry of a circle. How does a circle appear from the front, top, and side views in each of these rings?


Planning how each design element of the ring comes together is how you create a striking composition. A blend of colors, setting styles, and scale of each element each contribute to a wearable work of modern art.

Design No. 117180


Mixing metals and gemstones can offer a striking contrast in a ring design. The rich color of rose and yellow gold can really -pop- against a platinum backdrop.

Design No. 120814


These designs are formed by swirling lines holding a center gemstone. There is a multitude of ways to bring curves into a ring.


From crisp linear edges that create the frame of a modern channel setting to fine dots of milgrain, or a knife-edge, and a domed fillet, there are many ways to explore a transition of surfaces in the realm of jewelry.


These rings all beautifully demonstrate a harmonious flow of movement. Your eye is captured by the scintillation of a center stone and then meanders through the metalwork and form of the band in each of these contemporary pieces.

Design No. 120716 & 120717


The multitude of gemstone shapes are a perfect starting point to a geometric design. In a band, a euro shank can bring a blend of both square and round shapes. A play of geometric volumes can complement the geodesic nature of a rose-cut or create a striking motif for an entirely metal design.


Make [or break] the grid in the confines of a wedding band design. Grids can bring order or give a foundation to a playful exploration of visual motifs.


Small baguette, emerald cuts, and round melée diamonds are beautiful centerpieces for a minimalist ring. Perfect for stacking, we love to see what combination our clients commission at our studio.


Pairing a color gemstone with a precious metal of the same shade can create a striking monochrome look. Champagne diamonds and peach sapphires are complemented by rose gold, while yellow diamonds and citrine pair beautifully with yellow gold. White diamonds and bright polished platinum make their own stunning combination as they reflect bright white light.


One of the most magical aspects of a round ring is the ability to capture a perpetual motion. As a band spins around your finger throughout the day, each angle will bring a new composition.

Design No. 128651

Negative Space

Open shoulders, pierced shapes, and the openness of a rose or step-cut gemstone can bring welcome breathing room to a modern design. We love the airiness each of these designs incorporates into each ring.


Repeating shapes in carved relief or shimmering bright cut engraving are always a striking addition to the surfaces of a ring.


Halos are a beautiful exploration of radial design. Play with negative space or geometric patterns to add interest, or opt for a full diamond look to suit your personal style!

Design No. 109525 & 109576


Develop rhythm in a modern ring with repeated gemstones, inlaid metals, or engraved patterns. If you want to add intriguing detail without being overly ornate, a repeated rhythm can add a pleasing interest to a relatively simple piece of jewelry.


In all jewelry, the right balance of accent stones and design details can make or break a design. Graduation of accent stones can offer a range of scale in one design. In a ring with larger accents, you can explore a variety of sized side stones with your designer to find the most pleasing shift of scale for your custom piece.


A balance of the perfect combination of gems can create the most beautiful engagement rings. The right center stone can ground the design while perfectly balanced accent stones can build the design outward.


From hammer to engraved, and brushed Florentine finishes, our gold and platinumsmiths are experts at exploring how light interacts with the surfaces of metal. Here are a few striking textures that could inspire your own incredible finish.


Overlapping and undulating surfaces can both be utilized to create dramatic twists in precious metal. Adding pavé to a modulating surface can beautifully highlight this creative design element.


The art of hand engraving offers the opportunity to explore a variety of fonts. From serif, to san-serif, and script, our engravers are experts at communicating typographic forms.


These substantial rings show how simple shapes can be extruded to form iconic statement pieces of jewelry.