OPAL: Birthstone for October

Birthstones are always a tricky subject around here because the question of “who made up these rules anyway?” invariably comes up. Sure enough it’s a tough one to answer. Some say birthstones originated from ceremonial breast plates worn by high priests of the Ancient Israelites (called a ‘Hoshen’), which bore 12 different gemstones to represent the […]

RESTORATION: How to Save a Channel Band with Missing Diamonds

Many brides wear tiny, delicate diamond bands alongside their engagement ring to add sparkle to the hand and serve as a life-long reminder of the big day, but after years of wear they may discover something truly awful – There’s a diamond missing! This is actually a rather common occurrence, and here’s why: Firstly, these […]

EMERALDS: A Family of Precious Beryl Revealed

We humans have considered emeralds particularly valuable for a very long time. Ancient Egyptians are credited with being the first to mine these jewels, out from the shadows of what Romans would later call Mons Smaragdus or ‘Emerald Mountain.’  Just a short thousand years later the Spanish returned from new world conquest, flaunting richly green […]

Buying a Diamond Online? Here’s what Diamond Certificates Don’t Always Show

     It’s never been easier to search the world’s diamond vaults for the absolute best quality and value. From your armchair, all of a diamond’s cuts, carat weights, clarity, and color are virtually at your fingertips to compare. Be careful, though, because with all that convenience it’s easy to get caught up with technical […]

What Makes Sapphires So Blue?

  From Victorian-era jewelry to contemporary design, sapphires are a favorite gemstone for bridal pieces to last the ages. Second only to diamond in hardness, sapphires are an especially durable gemstone for jewelry to be worn on a daily basis. Where diamonds are treasured for their lack of color, sapphires are most valuable when they are […]

Buying a Diamond? Here are the Seven Sacred Rules to Selecting the Right One

If you are thinking about buying a diamond, it’s important to choose a company whose gemologists and experts will personally and honestly help to evaluate the right gemstone for you. At Green Lake Jewelry Works, we hand select each diamond and negotiate hard for the absolute best value. Ours is a tedious process, where we […]