5OO RINGS: Green Lake Bench Artist Adrienne Krieger Published in the New Edition



When Green Lake first opened its doors, 500 Rings served as a beautiful coffee table book for our shop to set out and hopefully associate ourselves with the level of artistry showcased inner amongst the pages. We still fan out books like these on the fireside table and coffee counter of our Seattle studio, but nowadays we’re proud to dog-ear a few pages just for us: The newest edition of Lark Crafts 500 Rings is set to hit bookshelves May 1st, 2012, where page 203 will feature Green Lake’s own Adrienne Krieger .

ABOUT Adrienne

Adrienne has been designing for Green Lake since 2007, where she really enjoys working with clients to create unique custom pieces of fine jewelry. Her designs tend to have clean lines, geometric shapes, surprising and subtle details, and moving mechanisms.


Adrienne studied art at Colorado State University, where she graduated with a concentration in sculpture and a minor in dance. Since moving to Seattle in 2006, her focus has actually been on both jewelry and dance. She has choreographed and performed with a Seattle-based aerial dance company since 2008. As Adrienne continues in her career, she draws on the inherent similarities between fine jewelry, body adornment, dance, and movement.

To see more of Adrienne’s work visit http://www.adriennekrieger.com