Your Personal Designer

What’s most unique about purchasing a piece of jewelry from Green Lake Jewelry is the ability to customize every element of the design. If you are making an investment in an heirloom piece, why not get a work of jewelry exactly how you like it?

At our studio, the design possibilities are endless. If you come to us with a project feeling a bit overwhelmed with inspiration images and ideas, the first thing we do is introduce you to a Designer to start honing in on what elements you love.

Bring us your ideas, and we’ll show you all the design possibilities!

The Design Process

From simple to complex pieces, our Designers are experts at leading the way through your project, so by the end, you’re delighted seeing what you imagined come to life. Our Designers have had the pleasure of getting to know hundreds of clients while designing their perfect piece of jewelry.  By collaborating with you and discovering your style, hobbies, and interests we’re able to better tailor your design to make sure it’s the perfect fit. What’s most amazing about this design process is we don’t just leave this up to pre-made templates and CAD files, this is a personalized experience tailored to you! Each iteration and adjustment is made on the feedback you give us to create a tangible work of art that’s exactly your style.

Lots to Learn

A big part of your  design conversation is education. Designing jewelry is a technical process that is very familiar to us, and is often a first time experience for many of our clients. You can rely on your Designer to answer all the questions so you can select the perfect diamond or gemstone, and get the most from your budget.

We want you to be happy with your piece of jewelry, and for that reason, our Designers will often bring up aspects of your design that you might not have considered to ensure your custom piece will fit and wear how you expect it. We will be very honest about what design choices you’ve seen on the internet might not wear so great in the long term, and how to create a piece of jewelry you will be happy to wear for a lifetime.

There’s a big difference to being sold a piece of jewelry and being informed about your jewelry purchase. Our Designers take education very seriously, we’ll answer every question and address each concern.

Have you considered how high you want your ring set? There are many ways to create a gallery, with a trellis, filigree, or open prongs… Our Designers can give you a visual example of how your ring will look with these kinds of modifications.

Picking your Designer

Our Designers are an incredible creative force in our studios and are a collective of talented artists with diverse backgrounds in fine arts or hands-on jewelry craft. Every Designer is trained in a wide range of styles and techniques, but just like handwriting, you can see their signature style translated into their body of jewelry designs at Green Lake!

As a custom studio we love to celebrate our artists and the incredible talents of our Designers, Jewelers, Casting, and CAD team.  When you look at each item on our site, you not only see technical information about materials and gemstones, you will see who thoughtfully made each piece of jewelry. If you find yourself favoriting designs from the same artist, you can choose to work with them on your custom piece!

On each designer on our website you’ll see the team that helped make each piece. See the amazing design that Chelsea, Thomas, and Dat Le made together here!

Getting to make a piece of custom jewelry at Green Lake is such a personalized experience, so we’re proud we can offer our clients the opportunity to pick who they collaborate with. Here are our favorite reasons why we love to let our clients choose their own Designer:

1. Their Artistic Expertise

Every Designer at Green Lake has a unique creative background! Collaborate with a painter, an artist who has a gold and platinumsmith background, or even a fashion designer to conceptualize your ring. 

2. Truly Original Jewelry

Your design is tailored to you. A Designer, not a combination of CAD renderings, will listen to your ideas and needs to create the perfect piece of custom jewelry. Your individuality is what your Green Lake piece will be based on, and with the Designer of your choice, you know you’re getting a true original.

3. A Shared Aesthetic

Partner up with a Designer who suits your style and who is your type of creative – Start by exploring artist statements and Designer portfolios below!

From Our Bellevue Studio

Ben’s meticulous attention to detail and thoughtfully innovative designs mean the world to each of his clients.

Brooke adores working closely with her couples. She even got ordained to marry two of her clients!

Passionate about engagement rings and design, Ellen adores helping her clients find the perfect combination of design elements to suit their personality.

As a fine painter, Erich’s loves to tell a story with each stroke. With jewelry there is the same opportunity to tell a client’s story through design. 

Lena’s background in illustration offers you the opportunity to see each iteration as your design comes together.

From Our Seattle Studio

With a passion for collaborative theater, singing, and the art of storytelling, Christine understands how a custom jewelry design is a perfect match for those passionate about the arts and those with a story to tell. 

With an NYC fashion and fine jewelry background, Rebecca loves to help her clients discover their personal style and taste in jewelry as they create together. 

To Sasha, jewelry is a canvas for self-expression, a reflection of personality, lifestyle, and taste. 

Skilled at working with clients remotely, Sophia has designed hundreds of pieces of jewelry entirely online in a vast range of styles.

With a background in Art History, Sophie loves to help her clients create their own masterpiece.

Vinh brings to his work a critical eye and keen ability to adapt to individual preferences, providing for stunning objects reflective of their owner’s unique style.

From Online

A talented painter and artist, Chelsea brings her incredible hand-drawn rendering skills to our clients to help them envision and create the perfect design.