WEDDING SHOW: While Seattle Brides Plan for the Big Day, Moms get Jewelry Repaired

January 18th, 2013
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Bringing the workshop with us:  Green Lake Jewelry Works exhibits at the 2013 Seattle Wedding Show

Wedding expos serve as reminder of just how cool it is to be a part of the weeding industry. After all, there’s just a scant few sectors of our economy out there as underpinned with serving the interest of love as we are. We all follow these distinctive paths of creativity – be it arranging flowers, taking pictures, or in our case, making rings – but we all up at the same place: Helping to add significance to a moment where two people make a commitment to each other, to last a life time. It’s a big deal. And it’s a rewarding day’s work just to be a part of it.

Mother knows best – and it’s good to remind them that their heirlooms can be restored to their original state by jewelers at Green Lake who specialize in repairs.

Weddings bring the whole family together. There are of course brides, then moms, sisters, friends – and even sometimes, the groom. But of all who visit us at a wedding show, we’re keenly aware it’s mother who knows best. That’s why this year designers and jewelers from Green Lake gave moms a little of the attention their brides-to-be were getting showered with. We cleaned and repaired rings, for free.

A basic solution of house hold cleaner and hot water, a specialized sonically vibrating container, and pressurized steam are super effective in returning your jewelry to its original luster.

First off, if you’ve been married for a while, then you know your ring is a bit duller than the glimmering, sparkling token it once was. And it’s no surprise – it’s been right there with you all these years, and endured every step of the way. So for moms we offered up our most technologically advanced system of jewelry restoration: Simple Green® and pressurized steam (like from an espresso machine). Presto! It’s like new. *If you’re reading this, please keep it a secret – it’s all we have!

But it doesn’t matter if you’ve had your ring of for decades, or just a few days; everyone likes to feel it’s something that will last a lifetime. Having an expert take some time to check on your gemstones ensures they wont be lost in a dark parking lot, or on a tropical vacation, or worse, down the drain.

“How do I know you’re not going to switch my diamond??” Though it’s easy as a collective of honest professional to stir up at this insinuation, it’s a fair question. That’s why we simply respond, “just keep an eye on it here. “

Graduate Gemologist and Chapter President of the American Gemological Society, Jeremy Dunn checks in on the state of one Seattleite’s ring – all good!

Alas, steam and stone checks alone may not ensure a lifetime of confident wear. Nothing lasts forever – despite even our greatest hopes that it will – and sometimes your ring needs to be fixed. Restoring jewelry to its original luster, as well as to its owner’s satisfaction, requires creativity, experience, and above all, honesty. Green Lake jewelers specializing in restoration are of course rich in the aforementioned, but moreover, uniquely qualified to take on even the most daunting of tasks.

Green Lake Jewelry Works Restoration Specialist – Gary Lamoureux

In the end, sure we met some new brides – but we got know the rest of the family too. We look forward to seeing new faces at the Seattle studio – and coming back to do it again next year!

Caption: From left to Right: Gemologist and Jeweler Jeremy Dunn in stunning pearls, Designer Ann Rice with Peacock feather earrings, Designer Krista Robertson with an Aquamarine cocktail ring, and PR man Eric Robertson with a tungsten carbide band/beer opener) .

The Seattle Wedding Show happens every year at the Convention Center. Looking to make a custom engagement ring? Want to get an older one fixed? Email your project at and we’ll get right on it!