WEDDING SHOW-BOATERS: Green Lake represents at the 2012 Seattle Wedding Show

It was a busy weekend for a handful of designers and jewelers at Green Lake. We put some serious time and enthusiasm into this year’s Seattle Wedding Show; an event catered toward eager brides-to-be and their entourage of giddy friends, been-there-done-that moms, and a scant few fiancés, awkwardly trailing about the convention center like it was a giant ladies dressing room.

From left to right: Emily J, Amber, Krista, and Eric R representing at the Green Lake Jewelry Works exhibit.

Now we’re not exactly a ‘glass and brass’ kind of store, all chalk full of sparkling cubic zirconia inventory to showcase. The thing is we make everything to order, specifically and especially meant to fulfill each client’s own personal ambitions. It’s a pretty cool thing we do, yet has traditionally proven a challenge to convey to the casual passerby.

But this year, sharing that process was made a whole lot easier with the help Amber and Jeremy – two jewelry black-belts from behind the workbench. We actually brought the work bench with us too, which at first was intended to be just for show (kind of like a colonial Williamsburg reenacting of our shop), but it soon became its own lively operation, full of gemstone checks, polishing, and cleaning.

Cleaning jewelry fast became a popular draw at the show – where visitors discovered the wonders of Simple Green and how it makes jewelry sparkle like new.

One of the most frequent questions we were asked is if we did custom work, which for us is akin to asking Robert Mondavi if he’s got an extra bottle of vino to share; of course we do! And yet there’s something terribly endearing about this question, and especially the wistful reactions we get from folks when they get the full answer: You can make anything!

In platinum?


With dolphins?


And the letter ‘R’ to be holding my birthstone?



So we made some new friends this weekend, and met some old ones too. It will be exciting to see this season’s couples in the shop over these coming months, scheming on wedding bands that reflect their personal style, and designing their own one-of-a-kind set!