Wedding Ring Inspiration for Same-Sex Couples


As we approach the 2-year anniversary since the US Supreme Court at last ruled that same-sex marriage is a legal right for everyone in this country, more and more rings crafted in our workshop are delivered to LGBTQ clients nationwide. Same-sex wedding rings at Green Lake, however, are nothing new; we’ve designed thousands over the past 20 years. In that time, we’ve seen a lot of novel ideas as well as a few consistent trends. If you’re looking to pop the question or exchange vows but need a little inspiration for making custom rings, let us share with you some of our favorite sets!

Platinum and Gold ‘XOXO’ Diamond Rings

Custom weddings are all about the little details. By juxtaposing every gold and platinum detail for this set by hand, these mirrored designs demanded some of the most exemplary filigree work we’d ever seen out of the workshop. The result is a matched pair unlike any other.

White and Yellow Gold Diamond Rings

At first glance, these engagement ring and wedding band sets may look the same, but actually both are quite unique. One boasts a more prominent radiant-cut diamond, framed in a grand halo, while the other features a demure marquise diamond accented with larger, bezel-set side stones. United by identical shadow bands, these rings look as though they simply belong together.

Orange and Green Diamond Wedding Bands

With natural diamonds in an array of vibrant colors to choose from, these custom ring clients were able to find matching radiant cuts in bright orange and cool green. To build on this theme, stippled sections of yellow and green gold anchor each diamond, and sleeves of corresponding gold are hidden on the inside, known only to the wearer.

Green Diamond and Sapphire Mokume-gane Bands

Mokume-gane (Japanese for “wood grain metal),” is an ancient metalsmithing technique where layers of different types of noble metals are folded onto each other, rolled and flattened to provide for this  distinctively wavy aesthetic. By simply gypsy-setting gemstones of individual significance into otherwise identical bands, this pair maintains unique identities.

White Gold Rings with Ruby and Sapphire 

By custom cutting gemstones here in the workshop, we can arrive at especially unique shapes and colors with our clients. For these rings, matching tapered baguettes – one a ruby and the other a purple sapphire – are channel-set into matching hand engraved mountings. It’s the hidden engraving on the inside of these rings, however, that make them even more personal.

Rough Montana Sapphire Wedding Rings

The materials in these rings tell their own story. Both the blue and green rough sapphire crystals come from small-scale low impact mines in neighboring Montana and are set into Fairmined certified gold from Peru and recycled platinum. The hexagonal bezels complement the free-form, natural state of the sapphires, too.

Platinum Wave Bands

These wedding bands make full use of the artistry from Green Lake’s wax carvers, who create all kinds of custom patterns by hand. One band simply has some ‘sea spray’ stippled into the metal, whereas the other includes blue and Canadian diamond melee to beautifully set it apart.

Diamond and Sapphire Rings in Platinum

Little leaves and filigree curls tucked into the sides makes these rings with different center stones very much alike. What’s more, classic solitaires maintain a timeless look for the ages.

Diamond and Platinum Wedding Set

Who says same-sex wedding sets have to ‘match?’ These rings in recycled platinum are especially cool because they feature diamonds that have been grown from pure carbon within a laboratory, and increasingly popular alternative for eco-conscious consumers who would like to minimize the drain diamond mining places on the environment.

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