Unique Custom Gift Motifs

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If you’ve ever wondered what type of custom jewelry Green Lake makes besides rings, we’ve made it all! From Earrings to cuff bracelets, gemstone pendants, monogrammed jewelry, and diamond posts, the options for custom jewelry design are endless. Here are some of our favorite gift motifs to celebrate life’s special moments:

1. Montana Sapphires

Montana sapphires are a lovely focal point to a pendant, stackable ring set, cluster gem designs, or a pair of stud earrings. We ethically source our rough direct from small scale mines in Montana and facet many unique shapes in house. They are a wonderful local gemstone to include as something blue on your wedding day or set in a sentimental gift or wedding ring for a Montanan or folks from the Pacific Northwest. Above Montana sapphire earrings style no. 118839

2. Art Nouveau Inspired

The flowing lines of an Art Nouveau lend themselves beautifully for a special gift. Add more detail to your custom piece with filigree or accent gems for extra wow and sparkle! Above pendant in platinum style no. 128487

3. Family Crest & Monogram

Creating a piece of signature family jewelry that can be worn as a shared experience among family members can bring loved ones close when they are far away. Including a family crest is a great way to remember great-great-great-great relatives, but you can also to start a new tradition with a custom crest of your own with the help of our designers.

4. Natural Elements

Green Lake Jewelry is well known for our Floral and Botanical ring designs, but we also love to let nature inspire one-of-a-kind pendants, earrings and even cufflinks. Share with us your inspiration, whether it’s a favorite leaf or bird, and we can help you create a gift made just for the recipient.

5. Diamond Earrings

A pair of diamonds studs are a wonderful present! These unique diamond earrings show some of the many ways you can customize a piece of jewelry to be unique and special representation of the recipient’s personal style. From classic, to modern, and natural, there are so many ways to wear diamond earrings.

6. Old World Filigree, Engraving and Milgrain Techniques

From engraving to filigree, our master jewelers are renowned at creating heirloom quality jewelry that is a work of art. For a special anniversary or wedding present, a custom piece of vintage inspired jewelry is a timeless momento.

7. Favorite Flowers

Take inspiration from your garden to create a meaningful piece of jewelry. The flowers from a first date, grandma’s garden, your trip to hawaii, or wedding bouquet are filled with memories. Make a custom bloom to last a lifetime with a floral jewelry gift.

8. Golden Moderne

A golden set of earrings or a pendant with a geometric touch is the perfect piece of jewelry for every-day wear. By designing your every-day pieces from scratch, you can add the details you love and make your ‘basics’ different and unique to everyone else’s! There’s also no better surprise than upgrading a loved one’s favorite everyday costume piece into an heirloom-quality gift in precious metal.

9. One-Of-A-Kind Gemstones

Selecting a gem from our studio can be a wonderful way to start a custom gift design. With so many shapes and unique colors of sapphires, diamonds, spinel, tourmalines and opals there is surely a gem that will inspire a special gift.

10. Minimalist

One of the best reasons to make a custom design from scratch is if you have a very specific and simple idea in mind. Custom creating a piece means the result will be exactly what you asked for and with those personalized details you envisioned for your recipient. There is no need to search high and lo for a gift when you can make at Green Lake exactly what you had in mind.

11. Peace, Love, and Inspiration

A piece of jewelry can be a wonderful reminder of love and offer inspiration every time you put it on. A joyful and meaningful quote or symbol important to the recipient is a lovely place to start a custom gift.

12. Rose Gold Vintage

A charming pendant or dainty earrings can reflect a vintage aesthetic that will be timeless for years to come. A brand new piece made at Green Lake is crafted to last a lifetime of birthdays, anniversaries, and will be stylish for all seasons.