Toi et Moi: Two Stone Rings

Sketch By Designer Chelsea

Romantic French Toi et Moi (You and Me) settings date back to the 17th century, when Napoleon Bonaparte proposed to widow Josephine de Beauharnais with a pear-shaped sapphire and diamond ring. Today, two-stone rings are still a timeless celebration of couples and a storied evolution of an iconic design.

The selection of gemstones for a Toi et Moi is essential to making your personalized two-stone ring. When pairing gemstones, the scale, color, and alignment of each gem is so essential to create a balanced design. Below are some of the creative ways our Designers have approached two-stone rings here at the Green Lake studios:

Big and Small

A subtle difference in gemstone size gives these two-stone rings a dynamic flow. We love the pop of color a tiny gemstone can add, too!

Colorful Gemstones

What better way to celebrate your partner than with a pair of your favorite gemstones in a beautiful contrast of colors. Perhaps you and your partner can each select your favorite color (and shape) to make a unique gemstone pairing unlike any other engagement ring.


Coordinate with your Designer to find the perfect duo of diamonds for your two-stone engagement ring. If you have preferred fancy-cut shapes in mind, our gem concierge service can bring in pairs for you to compare in-studio or online.


Adding a touch of filigree to a two-stone ring can add a sculptural feel to a Toi et Moi style ring.

Half-Bezel Set

Half bezel set designs can accentuate the contrasting geometry of two differing gemstone shapes. We love the rhythm they can bring to a design while creating a minimalist setting.


Two-stone rings often feature an interwoven element joining the two gemstones together. This can be a beautiful way to incorporate additional color accents or the bright sparkle of diamonds.

Modern Full Bezel

We love full bezel designs to protect sharp gemstone corners and more vulnerable soft gems. A full bezel ring can often offer the clearance for additional bands, making them perfect for stacking!


Nature-inspired rings are the perfect home for a duo of gemstones, as they can nestle amongst leaves, vines, and branches.

Rustic Diamonds

A combination of rustic diamonds can make for an incredibly one-of-a-kind ring design. Explore our gallery of rustic gemstones to find your perfect pairing!


For those who love the look of a two-stone ring, but would still like the versatility of wearing each gem on its own, a stackable ring set can be the perfect solution.

Vertical Vintage

These vintage-inspired rings often stack their diamonds vertically to showcase two center stones. We love all the hand-crafted milgrain and engraving that surround these gorgeous diamonds.