Our Favorite Three-Stone Accent Gems

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If you’re interested in a three-stone engagement ring design, getting in touch with a Green Lake designer is a great way to create your dream ring!

There are many ways to customize a three-stone ring with unique gem shapes and colors. Building a ring with one of our designers to your preferences ensures you get exactly what you want! You don’t have to search for the perfect three-stone when you can have it created, just for you.

Here’s a peek at our favorite accent gems for three-stone rings, from more classic rings designs to completely custom works of art.


A classic choice for a three-stone ring, round diamonds can be selected at a variety of scales. Compare these designs created with dainty diamond accents to those featuring side stones more equal in carat weight to the center. For added sparkle, “melee” (tiny accent diamonds) can be set down the shoulders and the band of a custom design.

Classic Dainty Three-Stone Rings

Unique Dainty Three-Stone Rings

Classic Large Three-Stone Rings

Unique Large Three-Stone Rings

Three-Stone Rings with Melee Accents


Oval diamonds make a very classic and natural frame to a round or oval diamond. We love the traditional look of an oval three-stone ring!

Classic Oval Three-Stone Rings


For a geometric three-stone design, consider choosing baguette diamonds! Set either horizontally or vertically, baguette diamonds can frame a wide range of center stone shapes. Vertically positioned stones can make your center diamond appear larger, while horizontally set diamonds can bring a neat linear effect to the shoulders of your ring.

Classic Baguette Three-Stone Rings

Unique Baguette Three-Stone Rings


The perfect frame to an emerald-cut center stone, we love the look of a trio of emerald cut diamonds!

Emerald-Cut Three-Stone Rings


The ideal compliment to a radiant center stone? Another radiant diamond, of course! Split-shoulders or a touch of color are a great way to draw your eye inward to your center stone.

Radiant Three Stone Rings

Tapered Baguette

No matter the center, tapered baguettes offer a timeless look for a three-stone ring. The main benefit of tapered baguettes to the typical baguette? The narrower edge of the baguette tapers perfectly to your band, and draws your eye inward to your center stone. Tapered baguettes are also rife with opportunity for truly one-of-a-kind custom designs!

Classic Tapered Baguette Three Stone Rings

Unique Tapered Baguette Three-Stone Rings

Trillion or Triangle

With curved or linear sides, trillion diamonds add a crisp geometric frame to a center diamond. We think they are a great shape for accenting center gems with similar points, like a pear or cushion shape center. For a super unique detail, have the trillions’ tapered angles connect to a knife-edge band for perfect integration of the side-stones into the ring.

Classic Trillion Three-Stone Rings

Unique Triangle Three-Stone Rings


For a softer accent that similarly draws your eyes to the center, a pear shape is a great option to consider in contrast to a tapered baguette or trillion accents. For a traditional ring, you can’t go wrong with pear accents, and for a unique ring, they are certainly a gem shape to consider!

Classic Pear Three-Stone Rings

Unique Pear Three-Stone Rings


Marquise diamonds are unique in that their shape often can evoke the shape of delicate leaves, so they are perfect for adding a ‘natural’ element to even the most simple three-stone designs. For a more complex custom ring, they can be scaled up in size to be a prominent design feature, or be very dainty for a touch of elegant sparkle.

Classic Marquise Three-Stone Rings

Unique Marquise Three-Stone Rings


Perfect for accenting square shapes, princess-cut accents can be arranged in a straight row or turned on point for a kite-set position. Either arrangement of two princess cuts is incredibly enchanting.

Classic Princess Three-Stone Rings

Unique Princess Three-Stone Rings


We love trapezoid diamonds for framing geometric center stones. The shape of a trapezoid is perfect for matching up to sides of the center stone to create graduation to the band of the ring. With a brilliant or step-cut pavilion, trapezoid diamonds can have a range of looks and sparkle.

Trapezoid Three-Stone Rings


Bullet diamonds are similar to a baguette diamond, but taper to a point to create a modern and dramatic three-stone look. Use them alone, or add them as a unique termination to trapezoid three-stone design.

Bullet Three-Stone Designs


Perfect for a custom ring, kite-shaped side-stones can make a beautiful minimal setting incredibly unique, or add the charisma to a more complex design.

Classic Kite Three-Stone Rings

Unique Kite Three-Stone Rings


Similar to a triangle shape, shield accents feature clipped corners and can come in an array of finishes from rose cut, to step cut or brilliant pavilions to complement your center stone.

Shield Three Stone Ring Designs


The perfect shape to highlight the curves of the center stone, half-moon diamonds are another wonderful way to customize your three-stone ring.

Half-Moon Three-Stone Rings

Rose Cut

Rose-cut diamond rings are a wonderful addition to both a rose-cut center or a traditionally faceted center stone. Rose-cut diamonds add a lot of character and personality to a three-stone ring with their bold facets and their unique colors.

Rose-Cut Three-Stone Rings

Color Gemstones

For many who desire a diamond center, but also want to add a touch of color, a three-stone is the perfect design! Blue sapphires of Ceylon or Montana origin are always a classic choice for our clients with diamond centers.

We also love to see clients pick accent gems that play up the metal color or highlight the center stone (if it happens to be a unique color). There are a lot of ways you can bring color into your life with a three-stone ring!

Blue Sapphire Three-Stone Rings

Green Accented Three-Stone Rings

Yellow Accented Three-Stone Rings

Purple Accented Three-Stone Rings

Ruby Accented Three-Stone Rings


Though not technically a ‘three-stone’ in quantity, these cluster designs create the look of a three-stone ring with their highly accented shoulders. Mix and match gem shapes from baguette, round, and pear to achieve your desired look! Play with asymmetry for a bold ring design.

Cluster Styled Three-Stone Rings

Mixed Shape

When you find a unique combination of stones you love, a mixed shape three-stone is a cool way to compose those individual gems together into one signature look. Perfect for a custom design, start with a trio of gems that pleases your eye, and build from there!

Mixed Shape Three-Stone Rings