#StayHome Engagement

In this tumultuous time, life is hard to navigate, and the love from your partner, friends, and family is the one reassuring thing holding it all together. If you are planning on proposing, or thinking of getting engaged, we are here for you. Love is not cancelled! Now more than ever, this is the time to re-affirm our love for each other. So to all our Green Lake couples and friends, we wish you a happy engagement! We hope these ideas will make your #StayHome Engagement a bright spot in this unprecedented year.

1. Celebrate your time together!

Custom designing your rings as a couple while you share time at home is a fun way to celebrate your engagement. We are open online to design with you from the comfort of your home. For Green Lake Couples, designing online or video chatting with their designer is a memorable, informative, and a creative process. Choose a gemstone, share ideas, and review sketches and 3D models once they are ready. When you are done designing, you will have made something beautiful together that you will both wear every day. 

2. Choose meaningful details

As wedding dates become more challenging to navigate, engraving cufflinks or wedding rings with 5.10.20 suddenly seem less straight forward. There are a lots of ways to add timeless personalized details to a custom design! Here are some of our favorite details to incorporate in a design: the spot where you both go hiking, graphic elements from your favorite art, comics, or video games, cultural motifs that are important to your family, patterns from places you have traveled together, favorite flowers, birthstones… The list goes on and on!

3. Surprise!

Many of our Green Lake Couples have gotten engaged at home! Get out the twinkle lights and get creative with your proposal. Step out on your balcony or take a walk near your home (with the appropriate social distance from others, of course), for some candid photos. We can help you design covertly through your Design Page if you want to keep your proposal a secret!

4. Send engagement announcements

Support small businesses by ordering paper or digital engagement announcements from local artists so friends and family can receive your happy news in the mail.

5. Keep your bridal party close

Enjoy time with your bridal party via video chat, home cocktail hangouts, online movies, or give matching attendant gifts from independent artists in lieu of a getaway bachelorette weekend. Squad goals!

6. Get married ASAP!

We love an intimate elopement or a impromptu wedding. Sometimes, love can’t always wait! We can help you make it a special occasion with unique rings from our ready-to-wear collection. Many of these rings can be customized with a diamond or sapphire of your choice and engraved with personalized details. Contact us directly if you are making timely wedding plans and need help obtaining rings to wear for your heartfelt day! Call +1 206-527-1108 or Text +1 425-970-9831

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