STATEMENT PIECE: Green Lake Designer Tomas Wittelsbach crafts wearable sculptures

Green Lake Designer Tomas Wittelsbach

A master sculptor and veteran of some of Hollywood’s most celebrated costume and set designs, Tomas Wittelsbach blends cutting-edge technology and a traditional sense of old-world craftsmanship into his fantastically detailed works here at Green Lake. Though much of his present focus is on a new line that plays on more delicate, feminine pieces which boast wild colored gemstones, it was this kind of burly skull ring which originally caught the eye of Green Lake’s founder Jim Tuttle.

“The level of detail he was using in these crazy Mexican Dia de los Muertos-inspired rings was really catching – and not only on a style sense, but for me, on a technical level. Getting something as crisp and intricate as his work display’s is no easy feat. I figured, if I had to have one, others may want one too – and his design aesthetic would be a great fit here in Seattle.”

Various skull-rings that each tell a different story; from bad voodoo accessories to post-apocalyptic chic. In sterling silver, these rings which are currently available range from $500-$700 (which represents a fun and accessible purchase in comparison to Tomas’ pieces in more precious metals that run $10,000-15,000).

If his designs come off like works of fantasy or seem eerily reminiscent of the darker inclinations seen in a Tim Burton film, it’s no coincidence. Tomas had a hand in several momentous projects that ranged from sculpting the serrated edges of the Batmobile to the grimy loot tossed about in Pirates of the Caribbean.

His approach represents a definite departure from Green Lake’s traditional offering of immaculate bridal pieces cast in platinum and encrusted in diamonds – yet speaks to an important group of non-traditional clients out there; those who would consult over Martha Stewart in planning their nuptials any day. While it’s unlikely a skull ring would make its way onto a ring bearer’s pillow, their counter-cultural appeal still serves as some potent inspiration for getting something just as custom.

So enamored with his ring’s complexity and accurate reflection of personal style, one fellow Green Lake designer took his custom skull out sightseeing.

Because these skull rings maintain their own one-of-a-kind character and represent something especially personal about the people who wear them, it’s been a tempting splurge amongst Green Lake’s design team to get one of their very own. They’re certainly a statement piece, and we look forward to seeing Tomas’ new line of bridal jewelry flourish with an equal amount of beautiful obscurity!