SNOWED IN: Green Lake Jewelry weathers the storm

Though predominantly known for our ever-grey skies and humble drizzle, we Seattleites can still hold our own when it comes to serious snowfall. And while it only lasts a few days, the snow can make for a menacing commute that’s full of sloshy turns and impossibly steep hills; which inspire a comparatively high population of Subaru drivers to show off their all-wheel-drive prowess.

Record snowfall keeps Green Lake Jewelry’s surrounding neighbors busy with all the trapping of winter fun: Sledding, snow-ball fighting, and of course, igloo building.

While Seattle’s recent heavy snowfall forced us to close our doors early on Tuesday evening and again for a full day on Wednesday, Green Lake rallied back today in full.  Designers were able to help chilly visitors with hot lattes and thoughtful advice at the jewelry cases. And jewelers were able to get back to pressing assignments so that their one-of-a-kind works could be delivered on time.

It’s a rare thing for a small business like ours to close the doors, but the weather demanded it!

However, not all Green Lakers were back to their usual tasks today. Owner Jim Tuttle and bench artist Kyle Coffey took up bags of salt and snow shovels and cleared paths around the shop so clients had spots to park in. The benches and desks where many of our team members do their day-to-day work became far less favorable to the sprawling flagstone fireplace and surrounding sofas. Even the chatter in the workshop (which typically revolves around gemstones, wax models, and other such shoptalk) began to shift toward the most common of subjects: The weather.

Owner, Jim and Jeweler, Kyle do some heavy lifting for folks picking up finished pieces or just coming in to commission work.

The unusually high snowfall has been nice, pretty even. But as all good things come to an end, we’re all looking forward to a return to our little boring, humble drizzle once more!