Signet Rings

There are a multitude of ways to design and craft a unique signet style ring. Here are a few ways that we love making them as a unique wedding ring! Below are some examples to make your signet ring a personalized design that reflects your individuality and makes your special day truly exceptional.

Whether it is for a wedding or another special occasion, start collaborating with a Green Lake Designer to create your own beautiful signet ring design.

Coat of Arms

Take inspiration from a traditional coat of arms or collaborate with one of our Designers to create your own custom design with your favorite elements!

Family Tree

A memento of your family and culture is a wonderful inspiration for a signet design- a ring you can keep close to your heart.


Find inspiration from your favorite book, film, or game, to create a wearable other-worldly work of art.


Your favorite flower can be a beautiful inspiration for a signet style ring. Choose one or many flowers to adorn your custom ring.


An incredible gemstone can be a gorgeous focal point of a unique signet. Get inspired by the geometry of your gem to create an unusual ring silhouette.


A combination of gemstones make for an incredibly dynamic signet ring– drawing your eyes around your personal composition.

Names & Initials

Elegantly hand-engraved initials give each of these signet rings a distinctive touch, making them uniquely yours or serving as a beautiful reminder of something special.


Drawing motifs from the great outdoors, these nature-inspired rings artfully capture elements from your favorite landscape, creating a connection to the world around us


A neutral signet ring blank is the perfect canvas for a unique gift! The recipient of your present can come in to create a personalized design with the assistance of a Green Lake Designer.

Obsidian & Onyx

A rich black stone adds contrast to these signet designs. Inlay can add a dramatic effect to a signet ring.


Your favorite interests and hobbies can offer unique motifs for a signet ring to highlight your passion. Use your signet as a piece of wearable art to inspire your practice and aspirations.

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From Jewelry designer Robin Haley- made in Nashville Tennessee.