Our Top 14 Favorite Shadow Band Styles

One of our specialties at the Green Lake studio is designing wedding bands that are just as unique and special as their engagement ring counterparts! Here are some of our favorite styles of shadow bands from our designers and the engagement rings they are made for.

1. Crown Style

This style of shadow bands typically has an array of diamonds that radiate from the center stone. Different shapes of diamonds may be used, from round to pear and marquise. The stones may be set in different styles to accentuate the crown-like details of the band.

2. Floral

Our lotus-style halo ring nestles perfectly with an organic vine band with diamond filled leaves, but a ring that doesn’t have any floral motifs can have them added with a shadow band that picks up on a petal motif.

3. Rustic

Hand-carved branch textures and matte finishes can easily complement a rustic style engagement ring with asymmetrical or rough gemstones. We love how these truly unique rings have their own truly unique shadow band.

4. Nature-Inspired

By using leaf-and-vine motifs, these nature-inspired rings have found their match with a Green Lake made and designed shadow band.

5. V-Shaped

A classic point accentuates a center diamond and can be finished simply with a groove, milgrain, twists, or our favorite; diamonds!

6. Vintage Inspired with Gemstones

Our vintage-inspired designs have so much character on their own, and we love when we can make a shadow band to frame the gemstones of the ring in a similar style, or to even add gemstones to an ensemble where the ring has no accent gems or color to begin with.

7. Curved Vintage Motif Band

Besides gemstones, a shadow band can include a variety of motifs including intricate engraving, filigree, or even a simple edge of milgrain. Vintage style bands are not one-fits-all. Engraving patterns for one style of ring may not suit others, and our experienced designers know how to make a perfect match.

8. Clean & Modern

Sleek lines of brushed metal contrast nicely with geometric gemstones.
The addition of strategically placed diamonds can add sparkle to a minimalist engagement ring.

9. Wrap Style

Filigree and engraving compliment the curves of a wrap style ring. With the space created by the wrap curling towards the centerstone, it is also possible to add another gemstone to create a ‘three-stone’ effect with a well-planned shadow band addition!

10. Organic Curves

Curved rings can be difficult to match, but this is where the artistry of our CAD team and jewelers really shine. Simple designs can be created with cast-in-place curls, while others work well using fine hand-fabricated filigree to accent the curves of the original engagement ring.

11. Twist Style

When a band twists and braids, a wavy band with diamonds makes a great match to the original engagement ring. Using similar setting styles, or even a pavée look, the shadow band doesn’t outshine the engagement ring –
it makes it stand out even more!

12. Diamond Contour

One of the favorite styles among our clients is a classic diamond contour band. The band can be made to nestle among a variety of engagement ring shapes, and suits the tradition of pairing the engagement ring with a wedding band in a very classic way.

13. Wear Alone

These cleverly designed bands fit perfectly alongside their engagement ring, but can also be worn on their own as a stand-alone ring. Planning ahead, and letting your designer know how you like to wear your rings, all make it easier to style a wear-alone design.

14. Ring Guard

Evoking the look of two shadow bands, a ring guard or jacket is a unique design that can add a wider profile to an engagement ring but allows you to wear the engagement ring alone. You can style your ring presence up or down as you choose!

Why do you need my engagement ring to make a shadow band?

Since our shadow bands are so expertly matched by our jewelers to your original engagement ring, we ask you to send your ring to us so we can make sure the new band is an exact fit!

Wax Carver Bruce begins by warming the engagement ring and setting it into a circle of green wax. As the green wax becomes malleable it forms to the profile of the engagement ring.

Bruce then cuts the circle of wax to be an appropriate width to match the engagement ring.

Next, Bruce matches up the main design elements of the shadow band to the engagement ring. In this instance, the shadow band will feature matching baguette diamonds to the vintage- style ring. Bruce then hand carves the settings for each of these diamonds.

At the bench, the rough casting of the ring is coated with a powdery spray and gently fitted to the engagement ring. Where the powder wears off, the jeweler removes metal from the casting for a perfect fit with the ring.