Seattle Out And Proud

It’s still Seattle, but we were still worried that going to customize rings for our engagement would be potentially weird, as a queer couple. But the moment my fiance & I walked in we were matched with another queer woman who designed our engagement rings and we felt very welcome by all the folks we interacted with there! Ellen sat with us for nearly 3 hours as we described what we wanted & went through all our options. Afterwards my fiance & I got dinner and sat and talked about how fun, how awesome, & enjoyable that first appointment was, despite our expectations.

The process after the initial consultation was very streamlined & our designer always got back to us super quickly. Ellen ended up designing two very different rings for us that we loved, which required quite a bit of juggling, but she did it with ease. She was always very straightforward about costs & was honest about design changes that would push us out of our budget. We love our rings & loved our experience here. At the end of the day, knowing a queer person designed them for us made them all that much more special!