SCOTT + RHO: A Most Thoughtful Custom Design

Scott & Rho after she said yes!

It could well be that Scott now holds the distinction as our most thoughtful custom ring client yet (and that’s saying A LOT considering Green Lake’s clientele is full of people going above and beyond to make something truly special). All the way from Indiana, Scott got in contact with Sam here at the workshop where they were able to work remotely on his private Design Page. Whereas a lot of guys may start out with only few rough ideas as to the kind of ring they’d like made, Scott came prepared: He’d compiled an interactive site dedicated to his girlfriend Rho that covered everything from lifestyle to taste and even pictures of her hands to guesstimate ring size; he had links to her Pinterest boards that captured all the things she enjoyed; and at last, he shared with Sam the long story that brought him here – which bolstered the significance of the ring. He really wanted the whole design to be specifically for her only.

Sam went to work pulling out ideas for rings, discovering needs for an active, outdoor lifestyle and seeing opportunities to incorporate both organic forms and lines reminiscent of Art Nouveau. Scott relayed how Rho talked about jewelry in the past, declaring she wouldn’t want anything super fancy (which he rightly took as girl-speak for ‘something nice just not traditional).’ Sam and Scott decided on a stunning sea-glass colored Montana sapphire for the center while using diamonds from his family ring for accents. The process took months of back-and-forth, almost 10,000 words exchanged in total (that’s like 20 pages printed), but in the end Scott created a kind of ring money alone just can’t buy.

Here’s a snapshot of what the custom process looks like, from sketch to wax to finished ring (Scott also had his ring box custom crafted and inlayed with sea glass all the way from the UK):

After getting a rough idea for style, Green Lake Designers offer quick sketches totally free of charge. Deposits are generally taken when a sketch is agreed upon. When it comes to center stones – especially colored gems – the options are so varied that having a designer work with the Green Lake lab to find the perfect one can be super helpful. Many clients design with us online without ever coming to the Seattle studio, so designers will show gems in different lights and in real environment to make sure customers know exactly what they’re getting). After sketches are confirmed and gems selected a model can be made. This offers client both online and in store to check the fit, look and accuracy of their ring before its cast in gold). When rings come out of casting, they’re not pretty but it’s important for the jeweler to inspect the piece of little holes or cracks that seldom occur in yet make it susceptible to future breakage.  We’re always happy to show rings to our clients step-by-step upon request.


Clients who visit the store can peer into the workshop and see what’s being done whereas out-of-area customers can ask for images from the bench, like this one of Gold & Platinumsmith Mac setting Scott and Rho’s ring. Some clients even want to have the process filmed or just film it themselves!

A finished piece: Palladium wrap ring with delicate over-under patter holding a Montana blue-green sapphire and repurposed family diamonds. Stunning on the finger – always great to see rings from the workshop out in the world! 31box2

This last image may seem out of place and certainly needs some explanation: Many jewelers and designers at Green Lake may receive thank you notes from clients. Scott, however, sent the store a giant box of these squishy balls as a fun thank you and they’ve made their way onto benches, into the lab and on to the walls of our production room. They’re apart of Green Lake now – thanks Scott and again, congratulations!