Rose Cut Diamond Shapes

If you are looking for a diamond ring that will be low profile with vintage and modern charm perhaps a rose cut diamond is the perfect center stone for your custom design. Rose cut diamonds are available in so many beautiful shapes and can be styled in so many unique ways. Below are some of our favorite custom designs featuring unique diamond shapes and ways to add rose cut diamonds to any ring!

Round Rose Cut Diamonds

A classic choice for a rose cut shape, round rose cut diamonds can easily replace any round brilliant diamond in a ring. We love seeing rose cuts in both sleek modern solitaires and in vintage style rings.

Pear Rose Cut Diamonds

An interesting setting style for rose cuts is to set them atop an engraved plate with a unique pattern. A starburst engraving pattern shown here in Design No. 162570 makes this rose cut pear diamond even more unique!

Cushion Rose Cut Diamonds

A cushion rose cut diamond is a beautiful option to play up the geometry of a modern engagement ring and offer a sleek low-height setting.

Oval Rose Cut Diamonds

Varying levels of accent diamonds can bring more brilliant sparkle to contrast with the large prismatic flashes of these oval rose cut diamonds.

Marquise & Triangle Rose Cut Diamonds

With some unique faceting patterns of a rose cut diamonds you can often choose to flip the diamond heads or tails for a different look… this pointedly would not work with brilliant cut stones.

Hexagonal Rose Cut Diamonds

Try a geometric hexagonal rose cut to build a modern ring design or to add an air of fantasy to a more intricately detailed ring.

Unique Rose Cut Diamond Jewelry Styles

Rose Cut Diamond Three Stone Rings

If you love a three stone rings and rose cuts, why not combine the two to make your own unique diamond combination! Try diamonds of the same shape or mixing diamond silhouettes for an infinite amount of interesting custom ring combinations.

Engagement Rings With Rose Cut Diamond Accent Gems

Add rose cut diamond accents to add contrast to a ring with a colored gemstone center stone. Rose cut accents can also play up the details of a vintage style ring.

Rose Cut Diamond Wedding Bands

Why not make your wedding band a unique combination of rose cut diamonds too? Set in prongs or bezels, either is a great foundation for a timeless wedding set.

Rose Cut Diamond Clusters

Play up the ‘Rose’ in rose cut with a cluster combination of gems making small flowers or add more variety to a glamorous cluster ring design with mix of gemstone cuts and colors.