RESTORATION: Some of the Coolest Repairs Yet

An Engagement Ring for the Ages 

It’s a rare sight indeed to see an actual Victorian era estate piece show up in the Seattle studio, but when this 1890’s ring came in we knew it was going to be a fun restoration. Originally set with two identical old European mine cuts, one of the diamonds had at some point been pulled and re-purposed for another engagement ring. Decades later, the owner brought both pieces to Green Lake to have the the two diamonds reunited again at last. For it’s age, this 18K gold ring was in relatively amazing condition, still crisp with ornate detail and firm with strong settings. Bench jeweler with a specialty in Old World hand fabrication Joe Worley completed the restoration, start to finish:

Before and after - an old European mine cut diamond returned to a Victorian-era engagement ring.


Tableware Re-Imagined 

 The own of these antique silver napkin ring purchased in Asia years ago envisioned them being used more as a piece of jewelry. Working with Green Lake restoration specialist Gary Lamoureux, new silver plates we fashioned to match the rustic handmade appeal of these idols and each were reconstructed to fit a new necklace. Custom metalsmithing like this is an increasingly rare service offered and we’re happy to see fun – non bridal- project like this pop up in the workshop now and then!


From table setting to fashion piece, these silver napkin holders were reborn as a pretty hip necklace.


Down the Drain

How many of us have lot our ring down the drain – or worse yet, into a rumbling garbage disposal? Well, that’s what happened to this gold ring. And gold – unlike platinum – losses material in scrapes like this pretty quickly. That’s what makes a jewelry repair like this that much more involved. More gold is needed, oftentimes in the form of thin wire, is carefully lasered into each scrape and gash. At Green Lake, thias is actually a prettty common restoration but the results are always so stunning we just have to share them:

Before and after - a wedding ring survives the garbage disposal and is restored to its original luster.

Eric Robertson is a writer, illustrator and creative lead for Green Lake Jewelry Works.