PROCESS VOL. 5 – Chumlee’s Birthday Pendent

The world of gemological study and fine jewelry fabrication can be a bit of an incestuous industry; everyone knows everyone. One friend of Green Lake is actually a gemologist for Gold & Silver Pawnshop on the Vegas strip – also the set of the hit show Pawn Stars on the History Channel. Recently, as one of America’s favorite personalities Chumlee approached his birthday, friend and costar Corey sought to gift him the ultimate surprise…a solid gold, diamond encrusted pendent in his likeness.

No doubt, there is a fantastic story behind this piece – but we as designers and builders can only share the story of how it was made:

Thanks to  –

Shelly / Principle design

Tomas / CAD Model

Charlie / Wax milling

Bruce / Wax clean up & casting

Jason & Eric / Assembly & gemstone setting

Emily / Production