This is our very first blog entry. It’s long overdue, really. After all, if there were ever a small business that had something to blog about, it’s Green Lake Jewelry Works. If the aim of a blog is to share some news, present ideas, voice an opinion, or just tell a funny story, then our blog is really only an echo of all these things happening in the shop right now.

There is a story behind every piece of jewelry we make. There are the wild ideas and heart-felt sentiments our customers walk in with everyday. There is genuine care in the skilled, callused hands that turn their ideas into wearable art; specifically and specially, for them only. And these ideas, humming about the workshop and whispered over sparkling display cases are in the heart of what we do. They guide us, inspire us, and help us to grow as artists. Who wouldn’t want to blog about that?

This blog will share those ideas, dish the most intriguing stories from the shop, reveal our sources of inspiration and pitch new directions as a company. If we’ve only just met, it’s a chance to get to know each other better; or keep you abreast on what we’re up to, if we’re already old friends…Please write, rant, or comment, we’d love to hear from you.