Ombré Jewelry

Style No. 155508 by Bellevue Studio Designer Ben.

An ombré of shifting colors is a beautiful way to add dimension and detail to an engagement ring design. Custom engagement rings are a wonderful canvas to explore and play with color because the design can be tailored to your absolute favorite shades. When a gradient is built, your designer will hand-select each gemstone to create the perfect range of colors just for your design. There are so many interesting ways you can add color to an engagement ring and enhance the design. Below are some of our favorite ranges of colors and design elements that are perfectly suited for featuring an ombre effect to get you inspired!

-Color Inspiration-

Shades of Blue

Transitioning from deep blue sapphires to the bright white of diamonds is a lovely way to add lightness to an area of intensely saturated color. Gradients strike the perfect balance of highlighting color without overwhelming a design.

Natural Greens

A lush array of greens can add texture and dimension to a piece of jewelry. A gradient is a perfect way to capture the variegation of colors in nature to create earthy and organic pieces. We love how the impeccable mixture of green diamonds and sapphires creates a lush finish to the wings of the butterfly below.

Light and Dark

White, grey, and black diamonds create a gorgeous gradient of light and dark to add contrast to a design. We love seeing how an ombré can add depth to both traditional and vintage designs.

An Expansive Spectrum

A gradient isn’t limited to a transition between two colors, it can fade and shift into a rainbow of shades. Below a combination of rich red diamonds, and orange sapphires transition to yellow diamonds creating the firey breath of a dragon. What favorite colors would you like to see harmonize together in your design?

-Unique Ways to Add Ombré to a Ring-

1. In a Halo

A halo of gemstones in an ombre of colors can create a dazzling effect and even make your center stone appear larger!

2. With Multi-Color Gemstones

Parti-color sapphires, tourmalines, ametrines, and many more gemstones can bring a prominent ombre effect when selected as a center stone in your design.

3. With Strands of Pavé

Any design with long lines of pavé is an ideal place and structure to apply a gradient of color. Linear gradients also add to the movement and visual flow of a ring in a most delightful way.

4. Around a Wedding Band

A wedding band is a lovely place to add an ombré because, again, the length of the entire band is space to shift and play with the colors you wish to include. If your engagement ring features clear diamonds but you long for a burst of color, a coordinating ombré band is a perfect addition!

This custom wedding band designed by Ben at our Bellevue studio features a futuristic environment of streaks of light along a grid. As a jewelry artist, Ben loves the versatility of an ombre not just for setting a scene:

“The ombré effect can help transition from one color to the next which means that you can have a ring that changes mood or expresses the movement or transition to a mood,” says Ben.

Ben Marchant

Senior Designer & Gemologist

Ombré Behind the Scenes

To organize all the tiny gemstones needed for an ombre effect, our designers and gemologist arrange each tiny melée on a clear gel that covers the inside lid of a thin plastic case. Every project with an ombre of accent stones is planned in this way to make sure the color and size of the transition of stones are just right. This process also organizes all the materials the jeweler will need to craft the ring at the bench. See any projects that look familiar? These are all photos shared with clients as part of the design process for a handful of the rings featured above!