Mine Your Own (From Home!)

For the month of May, any Green Lake Jewelry Works client who spends $250 or more on a new custom deposit, gift, or gift card will receive a complimentary bag of Montana sapphire rich gravel to sort through at home! If you’ve attended one of our Mine Your Own events, you know how fun it is to find your own treasures.

Any new purchase of $250 with Green Lake Jewelry Works will come with one pouch of Montana sapphire gravel*! This offer includes: gifts for Mother’s Day, new custom engagement rings and wedding bands started in the month of May, or a gift card for a future purchase. The best part is that you’ll also be entered in a raffle to win a fully polished Montana sapphire worth $500.00!

*This offer for Montana sapphire gravel is available while supplies last.

-How to Mine Your Sapphire Gravel-

1. Put gravel in a sieve and put under water source (tap, hose, etc.) and get thoroughly wet. After all the rocks are damp, allow as much water to drain as possible.

2. Dump wet gravel in a clear glass or plastic pie plate.

3. Carefully go through gravel and look for any stones that “glow” (stones that allow the light to pass through or are see-through). If you have a light table you can place the pie plate on, that would be ideal. You can also hold up pieces to a flashlight to see if light passes through, or set your rocks on a glass coffee table and shine a light through the bottom of your container… get creative! 🙂

4. You can find Montana sapphires (often pale blue green to yellow green), or garnets (dark red to pink). Other things you might find are hematite, petrified wood ,and agate. The best part of this game is if you think it is cool, keep it!

5.  Send us a photo of your finds and questions about your rough to info@greenlakejewelry.com . We can guide you on what to do next with your treasures or if you’d like to have any cut. Tag us on social media too! We’d love to see your creative at-home-mining set up. #MineYourOwnAtHome #GreenLakeJewelryWorks

-Designer Picks for Mother’s Day-

Looking for some special gift ideas?

Here are my favorites I share with clients! -Rebecca

Classic Earrings

Diamond studs are always a great gift idea! Truly something that she can and will wear with everything. Whether you’re in jeans and a t-shirt, running errands, or dressed up for an evening out, they bring a quiet elegance to every outfit.

Beautiful Blues

We love Montana sapphires! Montana sapphires come in a huge variety of colors, but are well known for this beautiful “denim” blue shade. A pair of matched studs worn with a simple bezel-set Montana sapphire in 14K white gold makes for a gorgeous set!

All In The Family

I love jewelry artist Elisa Bongfeldt’s work! The black and gold color combination is so edgy, her shapes are so modern, but still so simple that each piece is very wearable, even if you’re a little shy about showing your personality through jewelry. My mom has three children and there are five of us in the family, so this would be the perfect set for her! (Tell us your family head-count and we’ll find the perfect set for your own gift.)

A Natural Pick

Jewelry artist Liaung Chung Yen so deftly creates shapes inspired by nature that it’s hard to believe they didn’t grow on a stem!  He often incorporates precious and semiprecious gems into his work bringing an earthy vibrancy to his natural shapes.

Colorful and Kinetic

Glass artist David Licata’s bold glass earrings are not only beautiful to look at, but the glass links make the most wonderful tinkling sounds! 
Lightweight and glowing with vibrant color, these are a must for the woman who likes to make a statement these earrings are a must!