Meet Your Designer, Hannah

Hannah is passionate about crafting enduring symbols of commitment for couples in love, taking immense joy in the unveiling of bespoke jewelry that brings unparalleled happiness to recipients! Her expertise extends beyond traditional bridal pieces, encompassing a fervor for distinctive, abstract, symbolic, and personal projects—a perfect fit for Green Lake’s diverse jewelry offerings.

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Hannah also boasts a distinguished educational background in the field. She pursued Fine Arts at Georgia State University, garnering recognition with the Charles Castro Memorial Award for Exceptional Studio Artwork. Her journey continued at the Gemological Institute of America, where she graduated from the Jewelry Design and Technology program. Hannah is an engaged member of the Women’s Jewelry Association and the GIA Alumni Collective, she stays knowledgeable of all industry advancements and trends.

At the Bench

Collaborate with Hannah to create a one-of-a-kind design.

Hannah is the ultimate creative force, adept in a range of artistic endeavors from jewelry techniques such as lost wax casting, stone setting, and CAD to large-scale abstract paintings. From her roots as an apprentice jeweler in Atlanta to establishing her own studio in Berlin, Germany, her enthusiasm for unique projects and in-depth concept development is the driving force behind her dedication to this incredible craft.

Painting and Mixed Media

Tell your story with a piece designed in collaboration with Hannah.