LOVE RING: This is no statement piece. It’s a declaration!

There was a terribly clever ring that came out of the workshop not too long ago – one we’ve been really meaning to share, but alas with a long run of holidays, events, (and perhaps a little procrastination), a quality post for this innovative piece had been regretfully delayed. So, while Valentine ’s Day has now come and gone for most, the chocolates have been unwrapped and flowers bide what little time they have left in water, Green Lake is still decked-out with its seasonal accouterments:  Hearts, displays, and quails of Cupid arrows. Which, in passing through the shop today, reminded me…Hey, what about that crazy love ring?”

This month the Green Lake fireplace has inspired the hokiest of jokes, revolving mostly around desperate plays on Elvis Presley lyrics.                   

‘L-O-V-E,’ cast and polished into a wedding set sure to attract a lifetime of curious commentary. But perhaps even more unique to this custom piece is  the client who wholly conceptualized and designed it himself – while on a boat at sea (an aircraft carrier to be exact). It definitely marked a first for Green Lake; where not only was the job collaborated on from start to finish online, but the customer wasn’t even on dry land. (It opens up all sorts of ambitious opportunities for us as a shop, where some are already talking about designing rings for people in space…!)

Now, we’re accustomed to customers, both online and in-store, who have some bold ideas. Yet many only have but a few broad strokes of what they want in mind, and need a lot from us to fill in (e.g., the size of things, what gemstones to use, or metals look best). That’s really our job and it’s why we’re here. Though this particular customer required no help on the details: He had it all planned out to the millimeter, providing Green Lake designer Shelly Sutton with something more like schematics than rough sketches.


Drafted himself, this customer’s eye for exact engineering surprisingly captured a very fun and playful aesthetic .

The idea was pretty straight forward: Two rings that could be worn separately but when interlocked perfectly together communicated the treasured sentiment, ‘I love you.’ But making the metal pieces fit, hold the gemstones tightly, and sit nicely on the finger all required a bit of testing in both a virtual 3D environment, as well as with a physical model grow in resin.

Cast in 14K white gold and set with a stunning 1.75ct marquis-cut diamond this ring turned out to be as big of a statement as it is in size, weighing in together at an approximate 36dwts of gold (compared to an average 3dwts for a typical diamond solitare). As unique as the wearers, this wedding set is unquestionably custom!