Happy Halloween from Green Lake Jewelry Works!

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It’s that time of year again, where the artists at work here at Green Lake get to step up the creativity. This Halloween brought forth an array of in-store costumes; from unicorns and bananas to sailors and hunters – and let’s not forget the not one, but two Green Lakers who dressed up as the charismatic restoration specialist, Gary.

Though in a way, everyday can be kind of like Halloween around here.  Just take for instance designer Tomas’ desk collection of kitsch; that’s year-round.

Getting the season started early, it was actually Tomas and his set of scarily sharp sculpting chisels which made for an interesting day of pumpkin carving earlier this month. These pumpkins were proudly displayed in Green Lake’s windows for a good while – until at least they began to crumple and die under the tyranny room temperature conditions.

Today the Green Lake workshop closes early in lieu of the holiday (and in part because of alleged paranormal activity in the old abandon turret). But that didn’t stop us from all getting together this morning for some coffee and discussion on what we can do to continue as a premier custom jeweler, and have a little fun.

Lastly – but certainly not leastly – Halloween is for some a time of romance. Sure it’s no fine spring day, where love is everywhere in the air, but there are parties, and mystery, and with an autumnal crispness about, it can be a time of new beginnings. Such is true for one Green Lake couple, whos proposal story centers on the romance of the season. What better way to ask for a hand in marriage this time of year than to carve it into a pumpkin, and let it surprise the love of your life with a distant glow from the porch? Great idea!

So, we offer our sincere congratulations Ty Meyer and Brittany Wojcicki on there engagement – and thanks for these great pics!