How To Halo: 44 Ways!

Design No. 121158

1. Accented

Adding two uniquely shaped diamonds where the halo and band meet is a simple way to personalize a classic halo design. As another bonus, the accent draws your eye to the center gemstone in the ring!

2. Art Deco

Get inspired by the architectural themes of the 1920s and create an Art Deco halo filled with detail and geometry.

3. Atomic

Tapered baguettes create an atomic starburst of sparkle. We love these halos for their futuristic-retro feel!

4. Baguette Diamond

An arrangement of baguette diamonds can create square, kite, and hexagonal-shaped halos depending on how they are oriented.

5. Bead Set

Using bead setting to secure the diamonds in a halo creates crisp lines that are often detailed with milgrain beading.

6. Beaded

Beaded halos have all the detail and drama of their pavé counterparts, but with added savings, since they typically forgo diamonds all together.

7. Beaming

Rows of tapered baguettes seem to create beams of light radiating from the center stone in these stunning halo designs. You can add these linear groupings in a single direction or as many as you wish in your custom halo.

8. Cluster

When the gems around the halo are of similar size to the center, you achieve a charming clustering effect akin to a flower in bloom.

9. Collar

Nearly hidden, a collar style halo can add a lot of sparkle without being bulky.

10. Colorful

A halo is an excellent opportunity to add a pop of color with custom-cut gemstones or a border of round meleé.

11. Compass

In a compass halo, larger stones or metalwork accent the North, South, East, and West points of the engagement ring.

12. Confetti

A burst of diamonds scattered around the center stone creates a joyful array of sparkle. Add a variety of sizes to enhance the ‘explosion’ of diamonds!

13. Crown

Similar to a hidden halo, a crown halo features a more intricate design that forms a crown shape beneath the center diamond.

14. Cushion

A cushion-shaped halo is a great way to make a round diamond appear more square in shape.

15. Divided

Lines of metal or milgrain between diamonds in a halo can add unique geometric detail.

16. Double

Why not add another row of diamonds to your halo! A double halo can even create an airy feel when space is left between the rows of diamonds.

17. Family Stones

If you have a variety of family diamonds from many rings, a halo can be a great way to combine them into a single piece of jewelry.

18. Fancy Shape

Pear, marquise, and princess-shaped diamonds can add a unique dimension to a halo. A halo isn’t limited to being made of round diamonds.

19. Flush Set

Flush set diamonds make a modern and graphic halo. We love how smooth these halos can be, and when paired with a rose-cut gemstone, they are a great low-profile option for an engagement ring.

20. French Set

One of the most classic ways to create a halo is to french set the diamonds around the center. French setting involves cutting the metal for each melée accent so the diamond sits on a mirror finish. These halos are great at bouncing and playing with light!

21. Geometric

A halo is a wonderful place to highlight a geometric motif or a repeated pattern.

22. Graduated

Play with the scale of the round diamonds in your halo to create a truly unique design. A slight graduation in each diamond’s size can make the center stone silhouette stand out, or shift the halo into another shape entirely.

23. Half

A half halo always adds drama to an engagement ring and is a wonderful choice if you’re planning on pairing it with an ornate wedding band.

24. Hexagonal

If you love linear designs, skip the round halo and opt for a hexagon of pavé diamonds instead.

25. Hidden

We love hidden halos on modern rings as much as we do on traditional and vintage styles! If you love sparkle and a solitaire shape, a hidden halo adds a glimmer to an otherwise empty area of the engagement ring.

26. Illusion

Do you love the way longer gemstones look on your hand, but you already have a round center stone? A smartly designed halo is a great way to create the illusion of an oval shape!

27. Irregular

Following the lines of a rough or asymmetrical gemstone can create a one-of-a-kind halo shape that’s is inspired by nature.

28. Knotted

Intricately knotted halos are a wonderful way to showcase a center stone. This detail can be added as larger open loops, or be as small as a repeated hand-engraving pattern.

29. Mandala

Repeating rows of diamonds, and intricate linear designs make these Mandala halos one of our studio favorites.

30. Metallic

Use the shine or contrast of metal to frame your engagement ring’s center stone. Diamonds don’t have to be the default for a halo!

31. Mosaic

A mix of diamond shapes can create an infinite number of enchanting halos. If you love admiring the play of light inside a kaleidoscope, mosaic halos are just your style.

32. Navette Inspired

These halos bring to mind Navette-style rings popular in the Victorian era with their elongated pointed corners. When translated to a halo, there are additional diamonds placed along the band to create a full circle around the center stone.

33. Ombre

A halo is a perfect structure for bringing in an ombre effect. We love how an ombre can pick up on the color of the center stone and make it appear larger!

34. Ornate

Diamonds of different shapes and sizes are meticulously nestled and arranged to create these intricate and ornate halos.

35. Paisley

Artistic swirls with milgrain edges and diamond accents create these beautifully ornate halos. This style of halo can easily be adapted for any unique gemstone shape!

36. Pavé

Every surface of these halos are set with a fine diamond pavé. In these rings, there’s both a horizontal and vertical halo of diamonds… with a few more showcased in the gallery!

37. Petal

For a floral-inspired ring, try adding petals of diamonds around your center stone. Take inspiration from your favorite flower, and experiment with layered, rounded, and pointed petals for dramatically different looks.

38. Pierced

Halos full of detail need space to breathe. A pierced pattern can accentuate the shapes created by the diamonds and metalwork to give needed balance to an intricate halo design.

39. Royal

A halo of large diamonds set around a vibrant sapphire instantly reminds us of Princess Diana’s iconic engagement ring. Get inspired by your favorite pieces of iconic jewelry to make your own unique halo.

40. Scalloped

A gorgeous scallop pattern can be created by simply following the edge of a row of diamonds. There are so many pretty ways to add a scallop pattern to a halo!

41. Star

Pear and marquise diamonds create the dazzling points of these star-shaped halos. You can achieve a similar effect by placing the prongs on the outer edge of each diamond to catch the light and to create a ‘point.’

42. Swirl

Swirling halos are a wonderful way to add movement to an engagement ring. If you love the sparkle of a traditional halo, but prefer more organic lines, this is the halo style for you!

43. Triple

A halo isn’t limited to rings with a single stone. These three stone ring designs feature a halo around each featured diamond.

44. Twist

There are so many ways to add a pavé twist detail to an engagement ring. Most couples opt for a twisted band on their ring, but we love seeing a twist in a luxurious halo!