GREEN LAKE GIVES: Prosthetics Outreach Foundation’s 2012 Charity Auction

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This year Green Lake gives a special piece to help raise funds for the Prosthetics Outreach Foundation – an equally special organization that helps both children and adults with limb loss in the developing world. Whether it’s from war, disease, natural disasters or accidents, amputees without access to modern medical care face a life of poverty and dependence. While we at Green Lake may be in the day-to-day business of supplying opulence to the relatively privileged few, it’s always a great opportunity to see our talents help bolster support for those in need for those in need.

GIRL IN REDA brief but beautiful peek at the kind of projects Prosthetics Outreach Foundation facilitates 

As much of the good work the Prosthetics Outreach Foundation does is in Southeast Asia, and particularly in Vietnam, this one-of-a-kind lotus pendent is inspired by the region’s rich tradition of ornate, hand-crafted metalwork.  Green Lake designer Ellie Lee captures an exotic elegance with a large 5mm round Jade cabochon, bezel-set 1.6 and 2.2mm round diamonds, and a diamond encrusted leaf with (12) more 1mm round diamonds. By combining the cool luster of pure palladium and warm elements of 14K yellow gold with an onyx-bead strand, the pendent attracts as much attention as it tells a story: The piece is fabricated and set by master bench artists, Jeremy Dunn and Dat Le, a proud native of Vietnam.

All proceeds benefit the Prosthetics Outreach Foundation & our mission to help developing countries restore mobility and independence to amputees and other disabled children and adults by providing access to prosthetic care, orthopedic surgery, and clubfoot treatment. To find out more, visit their website.