GREEN LAKE GIVES: Local school that teaches across the autism spectrum receives big support at fundraiser auction

Seattle’s Academy for Precision Learning recently hosted their annual charitable auction to raise funds for their unique program which caters to both typically developing children as well as those students across the spectrum of autism.

For the event, Green Lake gifted an original 14k white gold and diamond  pendent. As with many of the charitable organizations Green Lake continually supports (such as Get Hitched Give Hope),  our designers pay special attention to the purpose of the piece to be auctioned – what is stands for, and what it’s intended to help with. For this piece, the interconnection of leaves represents a network of support and transfer of knowledge; qualities which mark a strong and successful center for education.

All and all we are happy it was a successful evening for the school and wish them and especially their students all the best in 2012!

To find out more about the Academy for Precision Learning, visit their website at