46 Amazing Ring Galleries

When custom designing a ring, every millimeter of space is available for personalization! The side view may seem like a small area of your ring, but it’s a wonderful place to hide a personalized design element that’s special to the wearer.

Many ‘custom’ jewelers only show the top views of their rings because that’s the only angle worth sharing. Every ring on our site is shown from multiple views to capture each piece’s beauty from multiple perspectives. It takes a true artist to ensure each angle of the ring blends perfectly with the next. Your personal designer will help you fit all those details in a most imaginative way too! What details can you put in an under gallery of a ring? Here are 46 favorites:

1. Architectural

A side face of a ring is a wonderful space to bring in a sweeping architectural element or even an entire building in miniature!

2. Beading

Small beads of metal can fit in the smallest spaces and bring symmetry and punctuation to a line of flowing filigree, anchoring a gallery design.

3. Birds

A pair of swans or a finely filigree feathered bird is not too large for the side face of a ring!

4. Butterflies & Insects

Butterflies, dragonflies, crickets are created in miniature in these detailed gallery designs.

5. Branch

Branch textured prongs can hold fine diamonds and feature small leaves and flowers to make them represent your favorite botanicals.

6. Celestial

Arrays of shooting stars, constellations, and moons can add a celestial touch to the side of your ring.

7. Circles

Small circles add necessary structure to a gallery, but can also create a pattern and rhythm of their own.

8. Colorful

A side face is a perfect place to add a -pop- of the ring wearer’s favorite color or the birthstone of their partner.

9. Crown

An intricate crown style setting truly stuns from the side-view. Make a crown as intricate or as sleek as you like.

10. Diamond Ribbons

Ribbons of diamonds are a beautiful element to bring to a gallery because they create a beautiful transition from the top to the side face of the ring. Add a single row, or layer multiple tiers for added dimension.

11. Engraved Scrollwork

Scroll engraving is the perfect addition to the galleries of vintage rings to even more minimalist wrap-style settings. In the gallery, you can play with scale and fill the scrollwork to the edge of the band. As the pattern descends to create a circle it can shift in scale, or even bring in another pattern motif.

12. Engraved Floral Motifs

Our jewelers are masters at creating incredibly detailed engravings at microscopic scales. Choose a classic orange blossom, or even customize your own floral pattern for your gallery engraving. Perhaps a thistle flower for a Celtic ring?

13. Fan Motif

Popular as a detail for Art Deco designs, a fan motif can add drama and elegance to under gallery structures. Fit a fan in a single pane, or draw it open across the entire ring.

14. Fantasy

An open book, fairies, wild dolphins… all sorts of fantastical details of story-telling can be crafted and featured in an undergallery. What story would you like to tell?

15. Filigree Duet

A pair of delicate filigree curls can be arranged in so many clever ways. We think those few filigree curls are what give a vintage trellis engagement ring the perfect finishing touch!

16. Filigree Quartet

While you see four curls of filigree on this side of the ring, there are four more just on the other side! Each curl is handcrafted by a jeweler in mirror image duplicates to make each of our filigree galleries.

17. Filigree Sextet

Filigree curls can be composed as a free-flowing row, or as tiny clusters of curls radiating from the corners of gallery spaces.

18. Filigree Octet

These rings have a total of 16 curls, just on their side faces! Diamonds and small flower details are lovely places to center the focus of a filigree gallery like these.

19. Flowers

Tiny sunflowers, irises, magnolias, and edelweiss flowers are just a few of the unique flowers you can include in your custom design. A first-anniversary bouquet or a favorite flower are lovely additions to a gallery design.

20. Hearts

A gallery is an ideal spot to fit small filigree hearts or even add a heat motif to the center setting!

21. Hidden Halo

A touch of sparkle that encircles your center stone will be a prominent element when you glance at your ring from the side while you wear it!

22. Infinity

Tiny infinity loops tuck into the corners of a gallery opening so beautifully. We also love to see this motif more prominently featured as a wrapping and layered knot.

23. Initials

A small initial crafted from filigree is just the right size to fit in the openings of a ring’s structure. Combine the initials of you and your partner or celebrate a family name!

24. Leaf Filigree

Mixing delicate curls of filigree with tiny hand-engraved leaves gives a lush botanical feel to an engagement ring.

25. Leaves

A pair of leaves can accent the prongs of a ring, or help frame a gallery design. Every little leaf is hand-detailed by our jewelers to make them look just as real as their natural counterparts!

26. Linear

Engraving is not just for vintage rings! A modern ring can benefit from a linear engraving motif across areas in the gallery to catch the light. This is a wonderful way to add handmade warmth to modern jewelry.

27. Loops

Long loops of metal evoke whimsical sketches captured in the elegance of fine filigree. Get inspired by your partner’s own drawings and doodles to create your custom design!

28. Lotus

One of our studio’s most popular flowers, these rings feature gorgeous lotus bloom details in the gallery.

29. Milgrain

Add a pierced detail to your ring by adding lines of milgrain to create an interlocking lattice of sparkle.

30. Mountain

Your favorite mountain range can be included symbolically, as a minimalist line silhouette, or captured with more realistic shading in a dimensional metal engraving or carved relief.

31. Pavé

Rows of diamonds along the prongs, and arching over the top of the band are both great spaces to continue a pavé element in an engagement ring.

32. Peek-A-Boo Diamond

Set an accent diamond (or two) to give sparkle to each angle of your ring.

33. Petals

Small or large sweeping petals can add romantic floral detail to a classic solitaire, three stone, or cluster style design. The structural components of a ring can be built gracefully and a floral design is a lovely replacement for multiple basket settings.

34. S Filigree Curl

Long curls of filigree are so charming in an S shape- and are very reminiscent of the cutouts on a string instrument. We love the elegant charm they add to the galleries of both ornate vintage and more classic ring styles.

35. Scroll

A dramatic scroll motif can create the entire structure of a gallery in the hands of the right artist. We love making engagement rings where the gallery of a ring is as exciting as the top view!

36. Solitaire Trellis

Even a solitaire trellis can be an opportunity for elegant design. Imaginative prong transitions in metal or blending with other details like pavé and filigree can make a ‘simple’ design feel complex and thoughtful.

37. Sun

Rays of sunshine beam across these gallery spaces. Use yellow gold, an accent diamond, or engraved textures to capture each and every ray of light in your ring.

38. Swirl

An asymmetrical swirl in the under gallery can add movement to a ring with an overall symmetrical appearance from the top view. Galleries are a lovely place to experiment with dramatic elements.

39. Trellis

Multi-stone rings can easily become an eye-sore if not structured properly. Explore how the graceful curves of a trellis can practically secure each gemstone while creating an airy harmony across the gallery with your designer.

40. Triangular

Use your under gallery to support design choices selected for the top view of your ring. Adding triangular details to the gallery can pick up on the geometry of trillion diamonds, or triangular pavé motifs popular in Art Deco-inspired designs.

41. Trinity Knot

Whether engraved or looped into the structure of the gallery, trinity knots are the perfect motif to pull into the side face of a Celtic ring. Keep it simple, or use the trinity knot as an opportunity to add even more detail to your design.

42. Two Tone

Adding filigree in a secondary color is an easy way to add a two tone element to your engagement ring and highlight those gorgeous swirls of metal.

43. Vine

A gallery is a wonderful area to carry on a wild vine motif started on the top of the ring. Wrapping metal and diamonds from the top to the sides, and under and through, creates the visual of the wildest and growing vines.

44. Waves

Rolling waves sweep across the galleries of these rings and transport you to the ocean with a single glance. A whole ocean can fit in one engagement ring with an imaginative jewelry designer.

45. Wheat Engraving

Timeless wheat engraving can frame a gorgeous gemstone or circle infinitely around your band seamlessly. The bright cuts of the handmade engraving also lend a reflective mirror to catch and play with light across the surface.

46. Woven

Overlapping and interlocking strands of metal create these unique woven gallery designs. If you’d like to add pierced elements to your ring, a woven motif can add airiness and an intriguing level of dimensionality that will make your gallery truly captivating!