FIRST PLACE TROPHY: Stakes are high for Green Lake’s ‘Design of the Month Contest’

Remember when you were a kid and there was a trophy given out for just about anything you applied yourself to? Don’t you wish outfitting your mantle with awards and accolades was as fun as a childhood weekend? We’ll, now you can with the awards of all awards; the Green Lake Jewelry Works Design of the Month Trophy!

The Heisman? Stanley Cup? Oscar? C’mon…none of these demand the emotion and creativity that go into making an original piece of custom jewelry (well, maybe an Oscar). Anyway every month we’ll now be sending out a custom first place trophy to clients who’s design earned the most votes, both in-store and online. How’s that for some healthy competition?


Every day we help design, cast, set, and ship an array of beautiful jewelry – each unique in its own way, making it terribly difficult for us to decide upon which pieces to share each month. So here’s the basic criterion: When we jewelers, designers, and metalsmiths see a piece that makes us exclaim something to the effect of, “wow that’s cool, I’ve haven’t seen something like that before,” it makes its way into the running.

Also, it’s already March – so why are we only now announcing January’s winner? Here’s the thing: Clients whose work is nominated need votes to win and oftentimes they’d like to promote their ring to friends and family for those votes…but rings that are made here are for super special and typically surprise occasions (hint, hint, like proposals). If we broadcast a piece the moment it’s made we could ruin someone’s special moment – and so that’s a big reason we wait a bit.

So, please vote on your favorite piece regularly. It will give someone the chance to reclaim that feeling you get when a trophy is placed upon the mantle~!