Fantasy Jewelry A to Z

June 15th, 2020
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If you have an element from a favorite book, movie, or video game that you’d like to include stylistically in your jewelry design, Green Lake has crafted all sorts of jewelry that draws on their client’s passion for fantasy.

Take a look at our alphabet of fantasy designs below-
We really have made everything from A to Z!


A spooky spider lurking in the dark can be made of a mosaic of diamonds to create the cephalothorax and abdomen. Spider legs are perfect to wrap around the finger for a statement look.


While many people are familiar with the aesthetics of “steampunk” or “cyberpunk,” Atompunk was inspired by a retro-futuristic vision of the world. Popular from 1945-1975, and often focused on themes of atomic power and nuclear energy, this time in science fiction is a cold war utopia. The epitome of the Atompunk style? A Jetson’s retro spaceship equipped with IBM Selectric typewriters. This is a mid-century futurisc style engagement!

Black Cat

No hero goes without their black cat. From Kiki’s Delivery Service, to Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Coraline, and Hocus Pocus, little black cats are iconic in the fantasy genre. A black cat ring makes for a sidekick that’s always on hand when you need them most!


In the near future where mega-cities are overrun with mega-corporations, and hackers are trying to take control, we have the cyberpunk aesthetic. This “City Noir” genre is based on a dystopian utilization of artificial intelligence, and provides the background for films like Blade Runner, The Matrix, Akira, 5th Element, and The City of Lost Children. Motherboards and unique moving geometric mechanisms become the basis for cyberpunk jewelry.


A legendary figure from cultures around the world, dragons are pure fantasy. One of the greatest joys of jewelry is creating an object that references something that does not exist and makes it real. From a dragon guarding a gemstone on a ring to a wrap-around dragon wedding band, there are so many ways to incorporate a dragon motif into your jewelry.


These supernatural beings originating from germanic folklore were able to take on greater nuance and prominence in the modern fantasy genre, thanks to the detail in J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy. With the adaptation of the book to film, a clear visual aesthetic was created for Elves evoking Art Nouveau and the founding of intertwining and flowing metal. Natural elements like leaves and vines add to the strong connection the elves have with their environment. It’s amazing that lore imagined through literature and film can create its own iconic genre of fantasy jewelry.

Fables & Fairytales

With talking animals and lessons at every turn of the page, there are many ways to subtly include this motif into a fairytale ring. We love using the under gallery to hide enchanted fairies or an open storybook. With a wedding band, there’s 360 degrees and plenty of space to craft a fantastical story in the round.


Sweeping geometry and bold lines create these futuristic jewelry designs. The addition of milgrain to the edges accents the geometry of the modern shapes so beautifully.


Inspired by the Victorian Mourning Period, these works of jewelry complement the fashion of dark velvet, lace, and black lipstick iconic of Gothic look. This deadly-beautiful jewelry look is achieved with black diamonds, engraving, and other vintage jewelry elements. Morticia Adams would love all of these designs, as would many a vampiress.

High Seas

Tales on the high seas chasing krakens, legendary whales, and pirate’s gold have created some of the most iconic fantasy stories of our time. Nautical rings are a great way to capture the wearer’s sense of adventure, especially when getting married is one of life’s greatest adventures!


An intergalactic design can be a small ring that symbolizes a grand scale of love. These galaxy rings are beautiful in their own way, whether in a unique combination of gemstones or engraving and texturing of the metal they were cast from.


A ring fit for a jungle adventure has many mysterious vines and plenty of detailed leaves. You can feel bold and fearless traipsing through the jungle with a machete in one hand, and one of these bejeweled rings on the other!

Knights and Kings

A signet ring with a family crest or a hand-engraved ring with mixed meals are two great ways to create a regal wedding set.


A simple crescent shape can add a sculptural element to any jewelry design. We love how this engagement ring, necklace, and wedding band all use a similar motif in such different ways. What a cool collection of moon-inspired jewelry!

Magic Girl

A popular subgenre of Japanese manga and anime, Magical Girl (魔法 少女) features girls with incredible magic that both helps and makes their lives more difficult. With a hand-drawn style, there are plenty of motifs that can be incorporated into a Magic Girl ring, from bright starbursts, graphic hearts, moons, and long-flowing filigree odangos!


Peering eyes and textured scales are a signature of our monster rings. We think it’s the handcrafted details that bring these creatures to life in precious metal!


From a life in the ocean depths, mermaids are at one with the water. When translated into wearable art, mermaid jewelry can include a sweeping tail motif, the flow of water, or even include fully-formed marine animals.


A bat, an owl, a waxing or waning moon, there’s something magical about exploring the night with your partner!

Other Worldly

Opals are valued for their rainbow of colors and unique play of light. There is something so magical about an opal that it truly can feel otherworldly. These opal jewelry pieces are like wearable nebulas from galaxies far, far, away…


Rising from the flames, a phoenix is a part of ancient Greek folklore. Phoenix feathers as a prominent engraved element or as an accenting filigree curl add fire to any engagement ring design!


Royal and regal, an engagement ring fit for a queen alludes to a crown. From the top, or side there are many ways you can add ornate details to make a most royal engagement ring.


Without a compass to guide your way, you only have the stars above you. As a prominent design element or as a hidden detail, a wayfinding reminder is a strong symbolic motif to include in an engagement ring design.


Rayguns and aliens are prominent thematic drivers of Raypunk, a period of fantasy spanning 1910-1930. Outfitted with bubbly space helmets, Raypunk space explorers are often featured against unique planetary backdrops with a colorful terrain and a multitude of textures.


Inspired by steam-powered machinery of the 19th century, the steampunk aesthetic draws from the work of Jules Verne, H.G. Wells, and Mary Shelley. Run by whirling gears, and riveted together, steampunk-inspired jewelry can be incredibly realistic as it too celebrates the metal construction of these fantastical machines. Mixing metals adds to the realism of layered of mechanisms, so yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum are often mixed together in unique ways in steampunk jewelry and gear wedding rings.


With sleek, bold, and graphic shapes, these unique ring designs evoke the strength and dedication of your favorite superhero! A superhero ring does not have to be a literal translation of a name or symbol to be effective at stopping evildoers. In fact, making your own twist on a superhero design creates your own personal icon and symbol for good!

Time Travel

With a unique ring design, you can be transported to another time or place every time it catches your eye. Jewelry with vintage influences can be a time machine of sorts. Within the fantasy genre the Tardis, DeLorean, Greatest Adventure Phone Booth, or Time Turner will take you where you need to go in a similarly sleek style.


A creature of legend, unicorns are said to have a horn with the power to heal sickness and offer protection from poison. Described as a woodland creature in the Middle Ages and Renaissance, today unicorns go hand in hand with rainbows and are often embraced as an icon of the LGBTQIA community.


Synergistic with a micro-genre of electronic music, the vaporwave aesthetic draws upon visuals from the ’80s, ’90s, and internet glitch art. Full of neon pinks, and soothing blues, there’s a lush color pallet to work with and lots of opportunities to create a visual landscape in vaporwave jewelry.


Jewelry can be your own personal armor. Protective gemstones, knots, and weaponry motifs can come together to create the perfect warrior wedding ring.


A magic wand twisted into the perfect wizard engagement ring is one way to imagine a magical ring. We also like the addition of hand-engraved scrolls and stars that a wizard might quill into their workbooks!


Striking a similar aesthetic to the influential fantasy style of Swiss artist H.R. Gieger, these rings share a dark alien structure that draws from the Art Nouveau period in a foreboding way.


If you ever wonder if it’s possible for Green Lake Jewelry Works to create your unique custom design idea… We’ve truly made rings from Arachnid to Zombie!