Family Gemstone Ring Inspiration

Family gemstone rings are perfect for mothers, fathers, grandparents, and guardians of all kinds. Here are some of our favorite ways to mix and match all the different shapes and colors into one cohesive and gorgeous ring design. Be sure to check out our blog all about birthstones if you need to identify what gems are possibilities for the loved ones in your life!

Designs with a + are mockups to show how diamond designs can be customized to include additional birthstones or colored diamonds.

Mosaic Statement

A truly remarkable combination of gemstone shapes and and curving metal lend themselves to creating a unique mosic statement ring. Combining princess and marquise cuts with round shapes creates a unique flow for these mother’s rings. Layering pavé accents is another way to add dimension to these statement designs.

Patterned Bands

A classic way to incorporate birthstones, an alternating band can be layered with an engagement ring or begin a set of bands to be worn together. Combine your birthstones to make your own unique pattern!

Dynamic Duos

We think two stone rings are perfect for symbolizing close relationships. All these designs show the ways you can flow unique gems together into one cohesive ring.


A multitude of colors and gemstone types make these halo designs a unique family heirloom. Find your favorite halo design, and our designers will illustrate how to include the gemstones meaningful to your family!

Flowing Rings

Birthstones of loved ones swept up in delicate curls are a beautiful way to frame a central gem (You!). Using wrap settings and rose-cut/ cabochon gemstone cuts are a great way to lower the profile of your design and also suit this flowing aesthetic beautifully.


Start with one ring, and add as you go! This is a lovely way to celebrate anniversaries, and new additions as your family grows. Engrave children’s names or a favorite vintage motif to make these stacks all your own.

If you find a jewelry concept you find inspiring, our designers can show you a mock-up of how it would look with the birthstones of your choosing!

Swirl Band

Incorporate a variety of multi-color gemstones in a swirling band design. We think this combination of swirls and gems looks lovely with both a structured frame or free-form edges.


A mix of textures, finishes, and patterns makes these rustic styles truly unique and wearable. We love that the forgiving finishes of rustic rings create a well-loved patina you can add to as you wear them.

Three Stone

For a classic arrangement of family gems, a three stone ring is a timeless way to keep the memory of loved ones close at hand. Explore our gallery of three stone rings to find the perfect base you can customize with your preferred birthstones!

Gem Row Ring

If you have many gems you’d like to include in your ring design, why not set them all in a row? There are many ways to style a row of gems, from a modern mosaic of shapes to a more flowing wrap style.

Family Tree

Why not have your family ring inspired by a literal family tree! We love the addition of marquise-shaped gemstones to enhance the leaf motif of this naturally inspired jewelry.


A whimsical, or more organized scatter band is a lovely way to mix gems of all sizes and colors. Use scattered gems to represent stars or mist on the waves for a unique take on this flush setting style.

Geometric Gemstones

There are so many unique gemstone shapes you can choose from to create a really personalized family ring design. What shapes and colors do you like best?


One of our favorite design genres at Green Lake is our collection of floral-inspired rings. The bright colors of flowers lend themselves beautifully to an array of birthstones to represent each family member. Perhaps even incorporate the favorite flower of your loved ones too to make a unique bouquet.

Any ring design can be modified to become a family gemstone ring. If you see a ring you like, our designers can help you customize it with the perfect combination of gemstones to represent your loved ones.

Shadow Band

Adding a shadow band with birthstones is a great way to celebrate an anniversary or special occasion. There are so many ways to create a complimentary band to a unique engagement ring.


Celebrate your flock with a unique animal-inspired design. Include zodiac animals for each child or base your design on your recipient’s favorite animal… the possibilities are endless with our artists!

Celestial Designs

Who’s the center of your family galaxy? A celestial inspired piece of jewelry can mix colors and textures in a striking way. Even though rings are small, there’s a lot of space to get creative with this design motif!


Sleek modern lines are a great pairing to the multitude of colored birthstones in a family ring. These uniqueue designs play with both matte and polished finishes to add depth and highlight each gem.


Customize your jewelry with everyone you love in your family cluster! Design a right hand band, or a set of stacking rings with a multitude of colors. We also love adding birthstones as accents to complement a larger center stone for a beloved elder in the family.

Braids and Twists

Braids and twists offer great spaces to add accent stones. You can take this motif in a celtic direction, or a classic pave braid too.


A favorite place can hold a special place in your heart and be a reminder of sentimental family memories. Why not include a location from a favorite family hike or beach vacation in your family ring too?

Vintage Inspired

Green Lake’s vintage designs are family heirlooms that will last a lifetime. With all the hand crafted jewelry techniques you love, these vintage styles are a timeless way to celebrate your loved ones.