ERIC + IRENE: Our New Favorite Clients

Well, no one’s playing favorites, but Charlotte North Carolina’s Eric E. and Irene G. were especially delightful to design for – there we said it. It would seem they liked working with us too; after a year-and-a-half, a hundred correspondences, and two trips to Seattle to visit the workshop, Green Lake must have played its own small part in their wedding experience. Just back from a picturesque get away ceremony in British Colombia, Eric and Irene passed us a few photos to share. Here they are, as well as some details on their custom-made jewelry:

Eric & Irene

Many are surprised to hear upwards of a 1/3 of our Seattle studio’s custom rings are actually designed entirely online, with clients as far away as Sandusky to Singapore. This is a huge point of pride for us, after all it demands relatively more trust, creativity and patience to craft a ring from afar than it does to just walk into a store and simply pick something out of the case. What’s more is when out-of-state clients actually fly out to visit us, as did Eric and Irene. That’s just downright flattering.

Irene is a graphic designer who throws pottery on the weekends. Like every good potter she stamps her pieces with her own mark, stylized initials ‘I G.’ The mark served as the initial inspiration for the hand fabricated platinum wire filigree that borders her bezel-set diamond center. Working with Green Lake designer Krista, the motif evolved over time to include floral elements that juxtapose each other, lending balanced ornament and enough just flair to suit its creative owner.

Hers: Diamond and platinum bezel-set mounting with filigree, custom made platinum shadow band with milgrain borders  / His: Wide 18k palladium band in matte finish with 14k rose gold inlay, carved grooves and white gold rails.


Eric and Irene demonstrate just how fun it can be to get involved with each other’s wedding rings and collaborate on pieces truly reflective of individual personalities. For many of us, wedding jewelry is not just a significant purchase – it represents the most significant decision of our lives. At Green Lake, we understand all too well how lucky we are to make these pieces and be in the business of love. Thanks again to Eric and Irene – and every couple we get to work with – for reminding us of this fact!



About the author:

Eric Robertson is a writer, illustrator and creative lead for Green Lake Jewelry Works.