When we heard the story of how Josh met Karen, it was difficult not to draw some strong parallels to the hit show, Glee. If you haven’t seen the show, here’s one of the drawn out romantic plot lines in a nutshell: Tall, dark, and handsome teacher whom all the kids adore falls in love with this cheerful, bright-eyed, and redheaded counselor. Well, that’s Josh (a beloved high school history teacher) and Karen (the sunny high school counselor who did her internship at Josh’s school). Just look at them…

Karen caught Josh’s attention on the very first day of school. He was back into his regular class schedule, greeting kids from the past year and organizing himself for the new, when he saw Karen pass in the hallway. “Please tell me that’s not a student,” Josh recalled. And Karen definitely wasn’t a student; in fact she’d just finished up her masters at Seattle University.

It’s difficult for faculty to get to know each other at school, so when Josh was able to talk to Karen at an after work mixer in Magnolia, he knew he’d have to make a stellar first impression. Was it love at first sight??? Well, we didn’t hear that verbatim, but after a good stint of weekly dates, Josh knew Karen was for keeps!

Josh worked directly with Green Lake designers to make a ring just for Karen. The process of design here in the Seattle studio is inquisitive, calling on all sorts of stories and personal tastes to cast the perfect ring specifically, and specially for one person only. We wish Josh and Karen a beautiful wedding in June, where friends and family will gather at the Woodland Park Zoo to see the happy couple married!

Photos courtesy of http://www.bethanyraelenestudio.com/