East-West Engagement Rings

From Left to Right: Floral Marquise Ring No. 152532, East West Ribbon Ring Design No. 145817, Emerald Cut Solitaire Design No. 151300, and East-West Emerald Cut Ring Design No. 131101

East-West engagement rings are a perfect style for a custom design! We can set any gemstone in the orientation you prefer. Below are a few of our favorite East-West engagement rings paired with some traditional North-South settings for you to compare. Click through to add any of these rings to your Design Page favorites and start collaborating with your Green Lake Jewelry designer.

Stop by the studio to see how different fancy-shape gemstones and diamonds look on your hand. Our designers are happy to help you try on and compare diamond sizes and orientations in-person.

Here’s a sampling to help get you inspired!

Custom Ring Designs

Cushion East-West

Cushion North-South

Emerald East-West

Emerald North-South

Marquise East-West

Marquise North-South

Oval East-West

Oval North-South

Pear East-West

Pear North-South