Find The Perfect Diamond Shape For Your Unique Ring

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There is such a variety of unique diamond shapes to utilize as the focal point in a custom engagement ring. Working with the artists at the Green Lake studio, you not only have a team of expert designers and jewelers to create your ring design, but also have access to skilled gemologists to source your ideal diamond in the cut, color, carat weight, and price range you had in mind.

If you’re unsure which diamond cut is the most ‘ideal’ for your own custom design, get inspired with these collections of diamond shapes, set in both traditional and unique custom settings made in our studio.

From modern to vintage and fancy cuts, Green Lake Jewelry Works offers an unparalleled selection of incredible diamonds.


A traditional round diamond is a balanced focal point for a custom engagement ring design. Because of their versatility, round diamonds can be styled in a variety of ways. Tell us what you’re looking for in your diamond, and we will seek out a trio of gorgeous diamonds to compare and select from for your custom ring design.

[If you have a vintage design in mind, be sure to scroll down to see our Old European designs, which also have a round silhouette and unique faceting pattern.]

Classic Round Diamond Ring Designs

Unique Round Diamond Ring Designs


A popular shape for an elongated feel, an oval diamond in a north-south orientation is certainly a timeless design. For a unique twist with an oval diamond, try an east-west orientation, or even setting the diamond at an angle for a truly one-of-a-kind engagement ring.

Classic Oval Diamond Ring Designs

East-West Oval Diamond Ring Designs

Unique Oval Diamond Ring Designs


With just the right amount of curve and angle, a pear has a similarly elongating visual effect on the finger. Paired with diamond pavé shoulders that taper to a point, or a twist that connects at an angle, a pear diamond shines with the combination of curves and angled geometry.

Classic Pear Diamond Ring Designs

Unique Pear Diamond Ring Designs


Another elongated cut, the emerald cut diamond features a structure of strong vertical lines that make it the perfect choice for a geometric design. An east-west setting is another unique way to set this cut, as are bezels and halos that highlight the angled corners of the emerald shape.

Classic Emerald Diamond Ring Designs

East-West Emerald Diamond Ring Designs

Unique Emerald Diamond Ring Designs


The cushion cut is an overall square shape with softly rounded corners, and is perfectly balanced for both traditional and custom designs. For a literal twist, a kite setting adds a dynamic visual by simply breaking the strong parallels of the diamond cut and the shoulders of the ring.

[If you’re interested in a vintage-style design, be sure to look below at Old Mine Cut diamonds for more inspiration with a similar shape and larger facets.]

Classic Cushion Diamond Ring Designs

Kite-Set Cushion Diamond Ring Designs

Unique Cushion Diamond Ring Designs


With a strong internal geometry, an Asscher cut diamond is another balanced geometric shape for an engagement ring. Just like a cushion cut, an Asscher can also be angled for a unique visual appeal.

Classic Asscher Diamond Ring Designs

Kite-Set Asscher Diamond Ring Designs

Unique Asscher Diamond Ring Designs


For a perfectly symmetrical square silhouette with all the sparkle of a round brilliant, look no further than a princess cut as your center gem. Play up the parallel lines of a princess cut with open shoulders, or be on point with a kite setting for a truly custom ring.

Classic Princess Diamond Ring Designs

Kite Set Princess Diamond Ring Designs

Unique Princess Diamond Ring Designs


For an elongated look with bountiful brilliance, a radiant might be the perfect match for you. Keep in mind that radiants come in an array of proportions, so a square radiant will offer a similar silhouette to an Asscher cut, but with more brilliance.

Classic Radiant Diamond Ring Designs

Square Radiant Diamond Ring Designs

Unique Radiant Diamond Ring Designs


Set vertically or horizontally, marquise diamonds make a beautiful focal point to a range of designs from solitaires to vintage-inspired pieces. Their unique shape also makes them perfect for non-traditional ring designs with wraps or fantasy elements.

Classic Marquise Diamond Ring Designs

East-West Set Marquise Diamond Ring Designs

Unique Marquise Diamond Designs


Styled up or down, there’s a lot to appreciate about a trillion diamond. With a unique balance, a triangular center can go modern or ornate depending on your personal style. Some trillion diamonds can have more curved edges than others, so it’s really up to your personal preference!

Classic Trillion Diamond Ring Designs

Unique Trillion Diamond Ring Designs

Rose Cut

With large domed facets, rose-cut diamonds have a simultaneously uniquely modern and vintage appeal. Set in a halo or a sleek solitaire, a rose-cut is right at home. Paired with unique design details, rose-cut diamond rings take on a sense of wonder and magic.

Classic Rose-Cut Diamond Ring Designs

Unique Rose-Cut Diamond Ring Designs

Old Mine Cut

As an early example of diamond cutting, Old Mine Cuts feature large facets, and an often asymmetrical or mostly cushion shape due to the early technology available to diamond cutters. Set in a classic ring or a more elaborate custom design, Old Mine Cut diamonds can feel both vintage and modern depending on their setting.

Classic Old Mine Cut Diamond Ring Designs

Unique Old Mine Cut Diamond Ring Designs

Old European Cut

As technology and time passed, lapidaries were able to achieve greater precision in their work. Old European Cuts represent the phase of diamond cutting after Old Mine Cuts, and show an evolution from a more cushion-like shape to a more perfect round. We love an Old European Cut as a center in geometric vintage designs to play up their more perfect symmetry.

Classic Old European Cut Diamond Ring Designs

Unique Old European Cut Diamond Ring Designs


There are so many possibilities for a baguette diamond ring! Choose a tapered baguette cut for a touch of intrigue and asymmetry, or experiment with both north-south and east-west settings to find your perfect ring design.

Classic Baguette Cut Diamond Ring Designs

Unique Baguette Cut Diamond Ring Designs


A lovely shape for a custom ring, our signature wrap setting perfectly highlights the unique shape of this lovely diamond cut. For a custom design, our clients love using a heart in a Celtic claddagh, or even as a mosaic with other diamonds to create a dramatic spider ring!

Classic Heart Diamond Ring Designs

Unique Heart Diamond Ring Designs

Unusual Diamond Cuts

Starting with a unique diamond is a great way to personalize your ring design and make it all your own. At Green Lake, we can source truly unique diamond shapes such as hexagonal, kite, or half-moon shapes.

Unique Unusual Diamond Ring Designs

Raw Diamonds

An unfaceted or raw diamond can be a wonderful focal point for a modern or rustic ring design. It’s amazing to see the raw crystal structure of the diamond material without polishing, just as it’s found in nature.

Unique Raw Diamond Ring Designs

Or create a new shape with your round brilliant!

If you have a round brilliant that you wish was… a pear, cushion, hexagon, or marquise… our designers are skilled at playing with geometry to help achieve the look you desire with a classic round diamond. A squared halo can add corners or even a soft cushion shape to a round diamond. The addition of accent diamonds can also create the look/ illusion of your sought after diamond shape too!

Can you believe all these custom rings were made with only round diamonds?