Meet Your Designer, Susie

July 5th, 2015
Categorized under: Jewelry

Susie has experienced various corners of the country, from Utah to North Carolina, and even venturing abroad to Australia, she now finds herself fresh in the vibrant city of Seattle.

Although Washington is a new home for her, Susie’s deep connection to her Cowlitz Indian Tribe roots makes her presence in our Seattle studio all the more meaningful.

-Cowlitz Indian Tribe-

After graduating from Utah State University with a degree in Ceramic Arts and a minor in Folklore, Susie’s lifelong passion for art, particularly jewelry, has been a constant. As a young girl, she would craft bracelets and earrings for her friends during recess. This love for jewelry persisted and led her to work in the industry as a retail associate in 2015, supporting her college education.

Through hard work and dedication, she progressed to become a skilled designer and CAD artist. Guided by her folklore background, Susie believes that each piece of jewelry should hold a story. Whether through design motifs, choice of gemstones, or subtle details, she aims to create custom jewelry that encapsulates your personal story.

-CAD & Jewelry Design-


Susie is unconventional and likes a challenge. She is highly resourceful and sees the beauty in all her surroundings. She has a definite artist’s eye and excels in 3D art. Whether it’s getting her hands dirty on the potter’s wheel, designing digitally on a computer, or sketching out a design on paper, she’s able to conceptually see every angle of the piece as it’s designed so she can make sure every detail is perfect.

-Ceramic Jewelry & More Art-

In her free time, Susie enjoys creating her own ceramic jewelry and other arts and crafts. She enjoys true crime, 80’s rock music, and relaxing in her balcony hammock with a glass of wine and her two beloved cats, Meeko and Phoebe.