Meet Your Designer, Sophia

Sophia: She has many happy customers for a reason, read her reviews!

For being such a small object, there are a lot of details to determine when designing an engagement ring. Having the help of a seasoned expert Sophia Shen, with a over a decade of experience designing jewelry, to guide you through the process makes every decision that much easier. Finding the perfect engagement ring shouldn’t feel like a daunting and endless search, it should be a creative opportunity to enjoy. And in many cases, the best ring for your doesn’t even exist… Yet!

When you call into Green Lake Jewelry Works or write into our chat online, designer Sophia Shen is there to answer every question: Can you explain what diamond grades mean? Will my fiancée and I be able to design a ring if we can’t leave the house? Is there any way you can incorporate an Orca whale into my ring design? Do you craft your rings onsite? (The answers to these questions are yes, yes, yes, yes!) Sophia is there to help you answer the technical questions, so you can start getting to the best part of an engagement ring, the unique design.

We sat down with Sophia for her expert advice for designing online, her favorite designs she has made for online #GreenLakeCouples, and more about her creative outlets.

Online Design Q&A with Sophia

Why design online?

Communication is much easier with technology today. Being able to visually show someone a concept immediately for a back and forth conversation works so well on our Design Page. We’ve used our Design Page tool for over a decade to design rings online, and I’ve designed hundreds of rings for couples across the country without ever meeting in person. It’s essentially your own personal portal to share images and write comments and questions to your designer.

It is truly a rewarding moment when you put concepts in front of your client on the design page and present them with their dream ring design. It is why I love doing what I do every day!

What is a virtual design consultation like?

While our studios are closed to the public at this time, we are offering video conference meetings to answer any questions. Our designers are ready to help you design your dream ring without ever leaving your home. Working with the latest technology, we want to connect with you virtually to give you an intimate Green Lake Jewelry studio experience of designing a custom ring, right from the comfort of your home. An engagement should be a special time, and a virtual consultation is one way to celebrate at home!

Sign up for a virtual appointment to start your custom design.

Is having an online consultation different than meeting in person?

We offer the same complimentary services through a virtual design consultation that we do in person and through our design page. Our design process is thorough and informative no matter how you prefer working with your designer. If it’s easier to sneak away and write to us about a surprise design, we’ll do that. If collaborating with your partner and your designer on video chat works best, we will Zoom with you when it’s convenient! For all our online experiences we’ll go over:

  • Diamond Education to help you select the best gemstone for you.
  • Diamond Viewing to compare size, shape, and the unique qualities of each diamond.
  • Sketching Concepts so you have iterations of designs to choose the one that’s perfect.
  • Ring Examples to explore what designs you like and what design elements you’d like to include in your own personal design.
  • Production Updates and a timeline for when your ring will be completed.

Once you book an appointment, share with us what you’d like to learn and see from the meeting so your designer can best prepare for a fun and informative consultation. If you know you’re looking for an oval diamond in a vintage style setting with a pre-planned budget, that’s great information to have in advance. If you don’t know, that’s okay too. We will find the best design together and guide you through the process.

When your appointment is scheduled, you will receive a Zoom link to connect with your designer. Your designer will have capabilities to show screen share, show diamond examples, sketches and ring examples on live video. The only equipment you need to design with us is a phone or tablet device. Yes, you can design a ring with us from your phone!

Hi Sophia, The ring came yesterday and it is BEAUTIFUL. Thank you for your talented design work and your hustle to get this done in such a tight deadline! 
Thanks again, 

What are the most common questions clients have about designing online?

For a special purchase like an engagement ring, there are bound to be lots of questions. The most common areas of questions are:

  • Ring Design Shapes: Can this ring be low set?…
  • Diamond Education: What is the difference between diamond grades?…
  • Color Gemstones: Could a sapphire be set in an engagement ring?…
  • Walking Through Our Website: Is there a place to see how rings are made?…
  • Pricing Questions: What factors go into making a design estimate?…

We’re happy to get the answers you need! You can post notes and questions to your Design Page 24/7 when they pop into your head. Gather your thoughts together before a virtual appointment so we can get the points you need answered.

Thank you Sophia for sharing your tips for designing online!

Of course! Getting to know clients from long distance is fun and exciting. Everyone has a personal taste and style. What we offer is custom commissioned artwork to last them forever. It’s an honor is being there to help celebrate marriages, and then the future anniversaries, growing families, and birthdays of our couples. Whatever questions you may have, you can ask your designer and they will be happy to help guide you to a design concept for your dream ring.

Start Your Custom Ring Design With Sophia

When you create a Design Page, you’ll have the option to select Sophia as your designer. Once you’re logged in, start sharing your ideas and questions you have about custom jewelry design. You’ll then hear back from Sophia with answers and ideas for your personalized design!

Sophia’s Favorite Online Designs

Imagining creative new custom designs, combined with my love of gemstones and diamonds, is why I’ve been here at Green Lake Jewelry Works since 2007! -Sophia

-Aqua Diamond Three Stone Ring-

This client started off with an inspiration ring that was fairly basic but with a unique marquise center stone. I was able to pair that with pear cut side diamonds to frame the ring. He wanted a pop of color that was subtle but not too distracting for the main center stone, so I recommended aqua blue diamonds as the best choice. From there, we added some side details of filigree to really bring out a handcrafted quality of the ring and make it

-Tattoo Inspired Rose Ring-

I helped guide his inspiration for a floral design based on some tattoos and halo rings he sent me. We made the ring in platinum for the long lasting metal quality, but also fabricated 14kt rose gold edges around the tips of the floral petals to add a pop of color and intricacy. It makes this ring so unique!

-Padparadscha Vintage Inspired Ring-

They wanted the perfect antique inspire setting for their Padparadscha sapphire. I was able to combine all the antique techniques of filigree artwork and engraving to showcase their unique center stone. 

“Thanks so much for your all work! The ring looks amazing and Audra is very happy!” -Chris

-Fern Motif Sapphire Halo-

She really love scalloped style halo rings, and also had an affinity for fern plants. I was able to combine the two ideas into her very own unique halo ring, featuring a beautiful Montana sapphire.

“Everything is absolutely perfect! Cannot believe the ease and grace with which you all made this dream a reality! Impressed is an understatement. Thank you for all you’ve done in this process and all of your time, energy & crystal clear communication. It has truly been a pleasure from start to finish! You’re amazing!” -Megan

Getting Creative With Sophia

When Sophia is not designing jewelry, she is spending time with her family of adorable pups and working on more creative projects!

“I have three little yorkies; Rylee, Zoey, Kyra. They are my “furkids.” My hobbies include photography and my pups love having their pictures taken!

They always dress up, pose, and model for various companies.

They have a website with all their editorial photos :

They love going out on the town for events!

Rylee, my main model, has been on a New York fashion week runway and featured in Vogue Magazine.

-The Paw Pup Shop Designs-

Also another project of mine is sewing dog clothing. I love working with my hands and stretching my imagination for creative ideas. ” -Sophia

Outfits playfully modeled by The Paw Pup Shop’s canine clients.